Three new collections were presented recently by Fangorosa: a terracotta of Lombard origin, one from Umbria, and a concrete floor.

Terracotta of Lombard

The variegated terracotta from Lombardy is a fresh innovation within the Fangorosa range. It is manufactured from two different clays which are coarsely kneaded to get the typical variegated effect, such as shades of white and black which have graced many historical homes for more than four centuries.

Umbrian terracotta

Umbrian terracotta has an extremely thin rectangular element, with a herringbone motif, called a cigar: the traditional earth colour and the material consistency immediately refer to the intimate dimension of the hearth.

Sicilian Cement

Sicilian cement is the son of the industrial revolution. Over the years, it has defined itself as a resistant and easy-to-work flooring material.

Fangorosa reflects on its traditional roots – experimenting with colour combinations and special designs, in line with contemporary design – in a hexagonal floor covering mimicking shades of denim.

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