New software will shape the future of framing

by Ofentse Sefolo
New software will shape the future of framing

MiTek Industries South Africa will soon launch their new roof designing software called MiTek PAMIR, which enables quicker estimating capabilities, faster roof-editing tools and a more integrated software environment, specifically designed for modern truss manufacturers.

“The launch of PAMIR is the most significant software development in our industry during the last 20 years and we believe that it will set our customers even further ahead in today’s competitive market place,” says Hennie Viljoen, marketing manager at MiTek Industries South Africa.

The software comprises of more than 760 000 lines of code and has taken 130 man-years of work to complete. “MiTek customers in Europe have used PAMIR for the past five years, and the software has reached a level of maturity that will be of great benefit to us in South Africa. We are currently ensuring that it is fully complying with the SANS codes,” Viljoen states.

Recent months have seen relentless testing of the software, simulating various design and practical scenarios relevant to the South African roofing industry in preparation for PAMIR to be rolled out to South African customers in the second quarter of 2019.

PAMIR combines roof layout, truss engineering and high-quality CAD output features all into one integrated software platform which can be easily configured to meet specific users’ requirements. Historically, these three areas have been addressed by three distinct software packages, each with a training requirement. Contrarily, PAMIR is a single integrated software environment, meaning that roof designers have just one platform to learn, and making the whole process more productive and faster.

MiTek’s PAMIR software combines roof layout, truss engineering and high-quality CAD output features all into one integrated software platform.


The software also allows the user to specify factors which will affect the structural performance of the structure, including roof cover, site altitude, wind speed and more.

“Modern roof designers need to be able to design a roof very quickly. With several new enquiries arriving on their desks every day, they need software solutions that enable them to design and quote roofs in no time. Customers expect information from you quickly and the ability to work within their time frame requirements can often make the difference when it comes to retaining their continued business,” Viljoen points out.

“With PAMIR you can quickly edit truss and building dimensions and watch the roof dynamically re-frame. Whether you are moving walls, adding an attic room, changing the roof pitch or mirroring roof features, PAMIR’s dynamic framing allows you to make the change in seconds. Also, thanks to the software’s powerful CAD functions, users are able to produce high-quality output including building elevations, live cross sections, zoomed in 3D details and truss profiles, quickly and easily.

“PAMIR is the next generation of prefabrication software – more dynamic, more powerful and more versatile than any other software package available,” Viljoen concludes.

MiTek Industries South Africa
Tel: 0 237 8700
Website: www.mitek.co.za

Main image: MiTek’s PAMIR software was developed for a roof truss manufacturing industry that demands results faster, cheaper and of higher quality.

Owner, MiTek Industries South Africa


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