New ‘self-healing’ crystalline admixture

by Darren
Sika new crystalline admixture Jnl 1 17

Sika has launched a new crystalline admixture that enables concrete cracks to ‘self-heal’ and block water.

Sika recently launched a waterproofing crystalline admixture powder that can be added directly to the ready-mix load on the construction vehicle. The product, which has already been used in noteworthy international products, enables concrete cracks to ‘self-heal’ and therefore block water, even when under extreme hydrostatic pressure; and it will reactivate whenever water is present.

In a concrete mixture, excess water that isn’t used during the chemical reaction that hardens concrete, tends to seep into the many pores within this material. After the concrete has dried, external water can make its way into concrete, which is why such a solution is critical in projects such as basements, parking garages and water retaining structures.

Sika’s new innovation, called Sika WT-200 P, forms a non-soluble crystalline material throughout the pore and capillary structure and seals the concrete permanently against penetration of water or other liquids. The formula also enhances the ‘self-healing’ properties of concrete.

The product is packaged in plastic, disposable buckets so it can be thrown directly into the back of the ready-mix truck. Some of the additional benefits of this product include increased life of the structure, reduced maintenance costs and improved sustainability of the hardened concrete.

For more information, contact Sika on +27 (31) 792 6500 or via www.sika.co.za.

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