New sculpture for Montreal’s Four Seasons Hotel

by Zuerita
New sculpture for Montreal’s Four Seasons Hotel

Montreal’s new Four Seasons Hotel opened its doors in May 2019. Soon thereafter, the hotel chain commissioned local artist, Pascale Girardin, to create a beautiful, site-specific sculpture which not only epitomised Montreal itself, but also respected and embodied the Four Seasons brand. Her resultant artwork is something truly special which has to be seen up close to be believed!


Aptly named “Contemplation”, the unique sculpture is a head-turning centrepiece which has been suspended in the hotel’s open-air atrium, spanning vertically through the hotel’s many floors. Its use of natural elements brings a breath of fresh air and sense of calm to the hotel’s otherwise busy interior. Its detailed craftsmanship and colourful detail are reminiscent of many of Girardin’s previous works and helps it to stand out as the main attraction amongst the hotel’s already-impressive décor.

The sculpture has been made out of lightweight aluminium and features an all-white installation with gilded accents of 24-carat gold.


The piece has been crafted using lightweight aluminium and features an all-white installation with gilded accents of 24-carat gold. The sculpture is large and long, and is comprised of over 90 floral suspensions of different sizes, ranging from 30cm to one metre in diameter. The beautiful, floating garlands have been designed to cascade through the atrium from the 17th to the eighth floor, evoking and celebrating the many cycles of nature.

Many who have seen the piece first-hand, have commented on how it resembles the “blossoms of spring flowers, the movement of petals adrift on a summer breeze, the spill of autumnal leaves and the lightness of falling snow”.

Another thing that really makes the artwork interesting, is the way in which it transitions seamlessly from day to night. As the sun shines, the piece glistens and gleams proudly all day long, following which it transforms into a slightly darker, more “contemplative” piece, utilising shadow to its advantage as the natural light slowly fades away. As night falls, the piece is illuminated once again thanks to the hotel’s powerful interior lighting.

The sculpture has been designed to resemble flowers cascading through the Four Season Hotel Montreal’s open-air atrium.

Pascale Girardin

Pascale Girardin is no stranger to the Canadian art world. In fact, she has been an active, well-known and respected artist for more than 20 years, having experimented with many art forms including ceramics, visual arts, architecture and design.

She cites the expression of pure forms as her main source of inspiration and seeks to highlight humans’ fundamental relationship to the world in which we live with all of her creations. The vast majority of her works also strive to celebrate nature’s organic form and the deep sense of joy that it brings.

Pascale Girardin is passionate about both art and science, which has subsequently led her to explore both worlds equally. She studied biology (Université de Montréal), design (Certificate in Digital Technologies, Concordia University), ceramics (Centre de Céramique Bonsecours) and visual arts (BFA Concordia University). She is also a recent graduate (MA) of the Université du Québec à Montréal.

Full thanks and acknowledgement are given to Pascale Girardin, the Four Seasons Hotel Montreal and v2com-newswire.com for the information contained in this article.


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