Main image: Mapeplan TPO being installed on factory roof.

Construction materials manufacturer Mapei has launched an innovative synthetic waterproofing membrane for roofs that can reduce heat inside a building by up to 50% compared with standard roof waterproofing systems, making it ideal for the harsh African climate.

Significant savings on energy costs

According to Ross Creasey, waterproofing product manager of Mapei, this is particularly important for warehousing and manufacturing companies, as the saving on energy costs can be significant. The energy efficiency derives from the solar reflective properties of white synthetic membranes that are resistant to ultraviolet radiation and ozone exposure.

Easy installation

Once the waterproofing membrane reaches the end of its lifecycle, it can be removed and recycled or reused to produce the new raw material. The membranes are easily installed because the sheets are fused together with heat welding and not with a gas heat torch, which is again reducing the effect on the environment.

Membrane systems and ranges

The new roofing membrane systems include the Mapeplan T FPO and TPO ranges, which are synthetic membranes in thermoplastic polyolefin and the Mapeplan PVC-P range, which is a synthetic membrane in PVC-P.

Two decades maintenance-free proposal

Depending on the lifetime requirements of the building, the Mapeplan systems are offered in a range of different thicknesses. “If applied correctly and according to the specifications, the Mapeplan range becomes a 20-year maintenance-free proposal. Synthetic membranes require minimal maintenance when compared to bituminous membranes,” Creasey says.

For more information, contact Mapei:
Tel: +27 11 552 8476

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