New resin system launched at Expo

by Darren
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New seamless resin terrazzo system launched at Expo incorporates light-reflective glass aggregrates to produce a glittering lustre across the floor finish.

The seamless resin terrazzo system, Mondéco Crystal, from Flowcrete South Africa was recently launched at this year’s Totally Concrete Expo to Africa’s construction industry, attracting architects, developers and builders.

Mondéco Crystal is designed to incorporate light-reflective glass aggregates into the system’s resin material to produce a glittering lustre across the floor finish. This system adds to the resin flooring specialist’s premier decorative flooring Mondéco collection, which has been developed to provide attractive and bespoke flooring finishes that can maintain an impressive visual impact despite extensive use.

“Mondéco Crystal gives architects the creative flexibility to install floors in intricate and colourful configurations that are tailored to a site’s specific interior design desires,” says Craig Blitenthall, Managing Director of Flowcrete South Africa. “Adding glass particles into the system creates an elegant, glistening effect, ideal for fashioning a luxurious ambience that evokes a sophisticated cosmopolitan feel.”

“Not only is this a stylish surface, but the glass aggregates also boost a construction project’s green credentials. As all of the glass used in a Mondéco Crystal floor, which amounts to 40% of the entire system, is recycled, it is considered a highly sustainable flooring option.”

Flowcrete South Africa also unveiled a reformulated version of its Mondéco Earth system. This solution integrates flint and granite aggregates into brightly coloured epoxy to create vibrant floors with an attractively patterned finish. The silver-ion-based, antimicrobial agent, Polygiene, can be distributed throughout a Mondéco Earth floor, empowering it with the ability to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria.

In addition, the robust nature of Mondéco means that it will retain its visual appeal despite the challenging, daily conditions within large commercial facilities. Its durability also makes it cost-effective, as the initial outlay can be divided into many years of reliable service.

As it creates a seamless surface, it is easy to clean and maintain. It thus lends itself to highly trafficked public environments, as dirt and contaminants can be quickly removed from an area, ensuring that the visual impact of the floor remains impressive, without lacking lustre, beauty or functionality.

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