New product range incorporates the latest trends

by Darren
Van Dyck carpet tiles Jnl 3 16

The latest trends in carpet tiles are seen in a new product range from Van Dyck.

Carpet tiles are enjoying an increasing market share when compared to other floorcoverings mainly because they offer great versatility and practicality in virtually any contract application. Carpet tiles are easy to install as they are small and manageable. The whole floor does not have to be removed when a small part of the carpet has worn out or soiled; they are easily and inexpensively replaced. There is a vast range of colours and varieties available which makes it possible to experiment and improvise with more than just one colour and design on the floor.

Where colour and functionality has always been a major feature in Van Dyck’s products, new trends in 2016 are all about styles and designs. The market is definitely still keen on linear designs in either shades of grey and natural colours or bold and bright colours or a combination of both. Van Dyck has come up with a wide product offering over the years with very popular products such as Lineal and Neon, long established products like Aragon, Vertigo and Consulate and other tile ranges launched last year such as Melody, Innovation, Column and Parallel. They all provide upmarket and trendy designs and the company is in the process of updating some of the colours. After seeing the increased popularity of their various tile ranges, the company decided to give their customers some more products to choose from and their latest offering is Excel Earth, Longitude and the Maestro collection.

Excel Earth, Longitude and the Maestro collection provide an exciting new element to the floor. Excel is a new needlepunch tile range inspired by Van Dyck’s very popular Barcode range. The name Excel was inspired by the fact that this range is EXCEL-lent on the floor. Available in both plainback tiles and Enduroback KR4 tiles, this range is ideal for any heavy commercial application. Excel Earth is an exciting and stylish design available in seven contemporary colours. Longitude is much the same way and is an entry level tufted tile ideal for customers that are looking at an affordable flooring solution for a light to medium commercial environment. It has a trendy linear pattern that brings a fresh new look and a stylish design to the floor. The Maestro collection on the other hand, has five versatile designs in a grey and charcoal combination to contemporise any commercial space. All these new carpet tile ranges offer a variety of design options and an upmarket and trendy feel and appearance which will look classy and contemporary for many years to come.

All their loose-lay tiles have a modified recycled bitumen backing, most suitable for any commercial environment. The company’s bitumen backing has recycled material and thanks to its ever-lasting durability it can be re-used for the secondary market at the end of its normal lifetime. Bitumen backing contains no PVC’s, is very low on VOC’s and it is highly durable therefore increasing the lifespan of the carpet tile. The use of recycled content is something that has become everyone’s main focus. Van Dyck pays a great deal of attention to the impact its processes and products have on the environment. Their ISO 14001 certificate has strengthened their commitment to environmental practices. They also have the ISO14064 for measuring carbon footprint and are one of the only flooring manufacturers in South Africa that is Carbon Trust certified, which is a testament to their achievement of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than 30% over the last 3 years.

Carpet tiles can be colour and texture mix and matched for a specific effect to suit current or proposed décor. Apart from their convenience, carpet tiles are also appreciated for their design versatility and the various directions of laying them (monolithic, tessellated, ashlar, brick-lay or random) which can create different patterned effects.

Van Dyck is very proud to be able to offer these three new ranges in either the standard size of 50x50cm or the other make-to-order square sizes of 60×60 and 100x100cm or plank sizes of 25x100cm. Their addition compliments the other carpet tile ranges already on offer and ensures there is something available for any kind of style or taste. In the unlikely event that these tile ranges are not to the customer’s liking, they will happily work on any custom-made design to ensure that the floors match the rest of the interior finishes.

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