New product launched at open-house showcase

by Tania Wannenburg
Diamond launch Jnl 1 15

Company proudly introduces its latest single-head floor grinder that can be used wet or dry.

A specialist in the manufacture, assembly and sale of diamond tools and equipment for industrial applications, Diamond Products recently launched its latest offering, the DP-250E Single Head Floor Grinder, at its open-house showcase.

According to Diamond Products Director Brian Clark, the new single-head floor grinder can be used with a conventional 250 mm diamond grinding head or the Diamond Products 250 mm adaptor plate and Qwikchange diamond pads which are available from 16 to 250 grit.

“The Qwikchange range includes a universal adaptor plate that enables the product to be attached to the majority of floor grinding machinery currently available in South Africa,” he continues. “These universal adaptor plates provide a high-quality, precision alternative at a considerably discounted rate, which could reduce the overall costs of floor polishing projects by up to 30%.”

The floor grinder is fitted with a powerful 2.2 kW single-phase motor and can be used wet or dry. It also features a folding handle, which allows for easy transport and minimal logistical challenges, enabling the user to save time when transporting the machine to various job sites.

The width and height of the rear wheels can also be adjusted in order to get into narrow areas. The DP-250E Single Head Floor Grinder offers the user the benefit of flexibility when grinding, due to its strong and durable construction. This innovative product weighs 60 kg with an operational speed of 1 450 rpm and a working width of 250 mm.

“The Single Head Floor Grinders are designed for dependability and offer ease of use while providing efficient, cost-effective results with low environmental impact,” concludes Brian. “Furthermore, they can be used in applications such as concrete, stone, asphalt, glue and waterproofing.”

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