New product helps carpet manufacturers contribute to a circular economy

by Ofentse Sefolo
New product helps carpet manufacturers contribute to a circular economy

The newly introduced UltraBond fibre by Beaulieu Fibres International was nominated for the 2019 essenscia Innovation Award, which is the most prestigious prize for industrial innovation in Belgium. The biannual award aims to promote innovations in the Belgian industry and encourages companies to invest even more in innovative and sustainable products and applications.

Beaulieu Fibres International is Europe’s largest producer of polyolefin fibres. Ultrabond, which was formally introduced to the market early in 2019, is a patented polyolefin bonding staple fibre that eliminates the need for latex or other chemical binders to bond nonwovens. Carpet manufacturers can now create 100% PP needlepunch carpets that meet the same performance requirements as traditional constructions, while also reducing end-of-life environmental impact, thanks to the product.

Manufacturers can make a significant contribution to the circular economy through the production of 100% recyclable carpets. Besides making recycled PP available for the plastics production chain and reducing the amount of waste that they generate, their reduced energy consumption and complete lack of water use results in significant environmental and financial savings. The VOC level of the carpet will also be reduced as a result, making a needlepunch carpet’s ecological footprint 35% less in terms of CO2 emissions during the full production process.

“We are extremely proud to be nominated for this award, and I would like to thank essenscia for formally recognizing our efforts to introduce this significant change for our industry,” said Karena Cancilleri, Vice President Engineered Products for Beaulieu International Group.

During the evaluation of the nominated innovation projects, the jury assesses their link with chemistry, life sciences and materials, their contribution to sustainable development, their intellectual property management strategy as well as their added value for the economy.

“Today’s carpet industry is looking for a greener, more cost-effective production process, without reducing performance levels. We see textile flooring as just the beginning. Together with our customers, we look forward to exploring the potential of this unique thermal bonding fibre in other applications such as laminated nonwovens or as an alternative to dry powders,” concludes Karena.

For more information, contact Beaulieu Fibres International via www.beaulieufibres.com.

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