Global GreenTag Africa has announced that the market in Africa will soon be benefiting from a new product certification standard that closes the nature gap to support projects that are embracing Circular Economy design. This is due to the imminent introduction of a new NaturePositive+ Standard and Product Declaration, which is a first for the certification sector.

Global GreenTag has more than 16,000 products under certification in over 22 countries and for more than 230 world-leading green manufacturers.

Global recognition

The Global GreenTag International NaturePositive+ Standard™ has been in development for almost a year. Recently, it was recognised and accepted by the United Nations Environment Programme’s One Planet programme as an official project under its SDG 12 charter, in support of the United Nation’s mission to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns for the 2030 Sustainable Development agenda.

Global GreenTag Africa’s Chief Executive Officer, Lizette Swanevelder, explains that the new NaturePositive+ Standard (and subsequent NaturePositive+ Product Declaration™) is a revolution in the Global GreenTag system, helping sustainability industry stakeholders to meet the core aims of the circular economy. “It is a standard that goes to the core of supporting nature, and we are excited for African manufacturers to put their leading-edge green products forward, once this new standard is underway to elevate and set their products apart.”

Circular Economy goals

The NaturePositive+ Standard and its resultant NaturePositive+ Declaration (NP+D) reporting and marks will take product certifications beyond the current thinking on circular economy, life cycle analysis and ingredient, hazard and ethical supply chain transparency and risk mitigation. It addresses and achieves the closure of a significant gap in meeting one of the top three aims of circular economy, i.e., providing metrics that help restore biodiversity in nature and can assist in regenerating the climate and ecosystems.

Unique design

Thestandard is set to bring everything in the product certification field into one overarching framework and metric that is calibrated against planetary boundaries. Commenting on its design, David Baggs Global GreenTag International’s Chief Executive Officer and lead developer, said: “This NaturePositive+ Standard provides concepts that enable both natural and technical cycles’ full scope and benefits to be measured as no product certification system has before.”


The Standard (NP+D) measures already available and in-use processes, systems and metrics to provide:

  1. A singular integrated NP+D product score.
  2. Individual metrics for each issue, resource and process.
  3. Detailed compiled transparency reporting on:
    1. Human health and environmental toxicity.
    1. Life cycle impacts and benefits.
    1. Ethical supply chains and modern slavery.


The NaturePositive+ Standard will be delivered in an integrated package that simultaneously delivers an overall rating and metric that incorporates not only a recognised circular economy metric, but also other essential elements required to truly measure and achieve circularity in a people-and-planet-healthy outcome. All indicators will be visible in the reporting in both summary graphics with individual indicators as well as a detailed report in a full transparency format of all the Global GreenTag services mentioned within the NP+ Standard.

For more information, contact Global GreenTag Africa:
Tel: +27 21 790 0286

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