New! Powerful construction adhesive

by Ofentse Sefolo
New! Powerful construction adhesive

Sika has launched a new construction adhesive with high initial tack, suitable for bonding most construction materials over different surfaces.
Sikaflex® High Tack is a CE-marked sealant for use in interior and exterior facade joints (EN 15651-1 F-EXT-INT 20HM), and with its high initial tack, it is specifically developed for vertical or overhead applications.

Vertical surfaces
Due to its powerful grab and fast curing properties, Sikaflex® High Tack can be used for bonding objects such as wood boards, mouldings, panels, ceramic tiles, roof tiles, metal boxes, interior and exterior wall decorations, and various accessories on vertical surfaces or overhead applications.

It also easily bonds building materials such as bricks, stones, ceramics, different metals, concrete, hard, PVC, timber and much more.

Unique characteristics
Sikaflex® High Tack is very easy to apply, solvent-free and has very low emissions. It is water- and weatherproof, and the elastic bonding allows for the vibrations and shock to be absorbed. Another plus is that it is paintable and suitable for damp surfaces, and therefore ideal to use in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and workshops.

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