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New partnership supports sustainability

Global GreenTag Africa has signed a partnership with the Cleaning Association of South Africa (CASA). This collaboration aims to promote sustainable design, as well as the use and benefits of eco- and health-preferable materials to support and expand sustainable development in the built environment.

“It is a splendid opportunity to team up with an association of this calibre to get our sustainable message across to the cleaning industry,” says Lizette Swanevelder, Global GreenTag Africa’s chief executive officer.

Greener cleaning products

CASA is a unifying body for all employers in the cleaning industry and those who are associated with the industry, such as chemicals and equipment suppliers, facilities management, and in-house cleaning departments from private and public sectors. “More can be done to lay out the benefits of swopping toxic or harmful cleaning product ingredients for green and environmentally safer ones, and we are keen to work with CASA on this mission,” says Swanevelder.

Caring for the environment

As part of its mission and values that are aligned with Global GreenTag Africa, CASA intends to bring standardisation to the business cleaning sector, by integrating into the circular economy, especially focussing on sustainability.

Clive Damonze, president of CASA, explains: “The partnership between CASA and Global GreenTag Africa aims to demonstrate the commitment to protect and care for the environment. By engaging our membership in environmentally conscious practices and protocols, which underpins our economy and society, we are looking forward working together with GreenTag on future sustainable initiatives and projects.”

Educational webinars

Global GreenTag Africa and CASA will soon be announcing the first of a series of educational webinars for the cleaning industry. Topics include drilling down on cleaning products to define what is green and what is greenwashing.

Issue: Toxic or harmful cleaning product ingredients.

Solution: A new collaboration to promote the use and benefits of eco- and health-preferable cleaning materials.

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