New Parapet capping offers aesthetic protection

by Tania Wannenburg
New parapet capping

Wall copings from Rheinzink both protect walls against precipitation ingress and set eye-catching trends.

The ingress of precipitation into walls can have serious consequences for the entire structure, ranging from the penetration of moisture, through flaking and cracking, to irreparable instability.

Offering reliable protection against high exposure to the elements, Rheinzink’s wall, roof edge, cornice and windowsill copings can be efficiently installed thanks to tried and tested fixing techniques that will prevent penetration by precipitation for years to come.

Costly damage to facades
“If walls do not have sufficient protection, this not only results in unnecessary bother, but above all in significant costs,” says Stephen Wilkinson, business manager at Rheinzink South Africa.

“The cause of such problems is often false economy that was practised when the building was erected. The wall copings designed to protect the facade are either made of materials that do not last or are omitted altogether,” he explains.

“The result is that renovation of the building becomes unavoidable after just a few years. This work is more often than not out of proportion to the original costs that would have been incurred had durable, maintenance-free material, such as Rheinzink, been used for the wall copings. Contrary to the desired effect, the sudden necessity of major restoration may seriously upset the finances of the building owner.”

An aesthetic solution
Apart from representing an economical and long-lasting solution, Rheinzink wall copings also set eye-catching trends. By accentuating the edges of buildings through an interesting combination of materials, it opens up a wide scope of design.

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Quick facts about Rheinzink wall copings:
•    Ideal for roof edges, cornices, windowsills and walls.
•    Provides long-lasting facade protection.
•    Aesthetic, durable and maintenance-free.
•    Ecological certification.
•    Blends in with building materials of all kinds.
•    Efficient installation techniques.
•    Proven quality.

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