New options to divide your space dynamically

by Ofentse Sefolo
New options to divide your space dynamically

Hospitality, commercial and office interiors are becoming more agile, adaptable and sustainable to help minimise the spread of COVID-19. At the same time providing employees with openness and privacy where needed. From new partitions to pods, soft seating and flexible room dividers. Enabling architects and designers to create privacy while maintaining a collaborative atmosphere in open-plan interiors.

Partitions for a new layout
Partitions are an easy way to divide space, creating distance between employees without completely remodelling the office layout. Pods consist of easy-to-assemble Sound Soak units, quick to rearrange office walls and partitions, creating rooms of all shapes and sizes, providing creative working spaces that help increase productivity.

Dynamic dividers separating colleagues
Dividers are available in a wide range of easy-to-clean fabrics. Placed between desks and tables they block the space from eye level height below, providing flexibility, sound and visual privacy, while minimising the spread of infection. There is no need to eliminate shared tables because if a person sneezes or coughs, the divider protects other people by containing the droplets. Some examples include The Hoodie, Sound Soak, and Arcade room dividers.

Comfortable seating creating a serene space
New multidimensional chairs and sofas with modern, organic soft seating have been created to absorb noise levels and are ideal for one-on-one discussions or undisturbed phone calls, adding acoustic value to any space.

With high backs, soft curves and rounded forms, the bold and comfortable Softi and Tumbler ranges are ideal for informal meetings or to create a quiet zone for individuals in reception areas, libraries and offices.

These contemporary new partitions, pods, dividers and seating are stylish, practical solutions adding a fun, dynamic to open spaces. With the growing need for hospitality, commercial and office interiors to encourage social distancing in public areas, these separators are rapidly growing in popularity and being added to many more interior environments.

Acknowledgement and thanks go to Ergoform for the information contained in this article. Visit their website at www.ergoform.co.za.

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