Interior buildings solutions group, Saint-Gobain Gyproc, has launched a blog that will be dedicated to discussing and debating South African architecture.


FutureSpaces is a new blog dedicated to discussing and debating South African architecture. Interior buildings solutions group, Saint-Gobain Gyproc, launched the blog in June 2014 after they identified a need to create a central, online forum for local designers, developers and architects.

Not only can architects and interior design professionals use this new blog to share their own work and be inspired by other local and international projects, but they are also encouraged to blog about and comment on issues they feel are key to the success of their respective professions. Clients as well as homeowners are also invited to share their own experiences, best practices and explore sustainability on the blog.

The blog will be continuously updated so that everyone from developers to homeowners can stay on top of key building trends and get fresh insights on alternative building materials and design solutions for the future.

Respected local architect, Hugh Fraser, was the driving force behind the blog and he explains that reviews regarding new spaces, sustainable building practices and the use of new materials in designs are only some of the things that readers can look forward to.

“I am looking for work from different regions, with interesting use of materials, across different genres, designed with varying budgets that ultimately create efficient and comfortable environments,” says Hugh.

Evan Lockhart-Barker, general manager of marketing at Saint Gobain-Gyproc, says FutureSpaces is set to become a dynamic, thought-sharing online forum.

“We have always valued being open and accessible to our customers and future customers, and this online platform presents the perfect opportunity for Saint-Gobain Gyproc to engage with our stakeholders, stimulating debate and sharing knowledge about the very exciting world of architecture and interior spaces,” commented Lockhart-Barker.

A number of interesting commercial, residential and retail space submissions have already been made to the blog, including images and comments by celebrated local professionals. The blog can be visited at

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