New online directory for building services

by Zuerita
New online directory for building services

The Building Service Advisor (BSA) app is a new online platform that lists service providers for any home renovation, maintenance and building projects.
It lists service providers under categories ranging from professionals such as quantity surveyors and architects through to glass repairs and locksmiths. It also categorises providers of green or sustainable solutions such as solar energy systems, greywater systems, rainwater harvesting and bio-digesters.

Any building-related business may list its services free of charge and BSA does not charge a fee or take a percentage of any kind for any work done by service providers found through the BSA service. A company is able to enhance its presence on BSA by boosting its listing to ensure that it appears at the top of the relevant category list, but it cannot change the way customers have rated its service.

In addition, the listings have a star rating system which allows customers to rate the level of service they received from a given provider, which will in turn help the next searching customer. A customer may only rate a particular service once, to ensure the fairness and integrity of the ratings.

The service is currently up and running for the six main regions of the Western Cape, and has been rolled out in the Gauteng region during May.

The BSA app can be downloaded from the Android Playstore and IOS, or visit www.buildingserviceadvisor.co.za for more information.

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