New! Non-allergenic thermal insulation

by Zuerita
New! Non-allergenic thermal insulation

Marley Building Systems has launched a new thermal insulation range called Marley Polywool Insulation, developed for both residential and commercial application to ensure the thermal comfort of a building’s occupants, whether it is hot or cold.  
The thermal resistance, or R-value, of the insulation varies according to the material’s thickness, which ranges from 40mm to 135mm. The standard width is 1 200mm, but a width of 750mm can be manufactured to accommodate client requirements.

Produced from recycled PET (plastic) bottles, Marley Polywool Insulation is non-allergenic and a non-irritant. It contains no chemical additives and is non-toxic. Furthermore, it is also completely odourless.

“The eco-friendly nature of Marley Polywool Insulation makes it a natural choice,” says Nthatisi Vilakazi, Marley Building Systems’ product manager for Siniat Gypsum. “And it is 100% safe!”

Fully accredited
Vilakazi points out that Marley Polywool Insulation is fully compliant with the SANS 10400 National Building Code. It carries the SABS mark of approval (MARK 9586/15037) and complies with SANS 428 with a fire rating of B/B1/B2, meaning that the material is combustible at 750° and will not spread flame.

Furthermore, the material carries the Agrément South Africa certification, and is a member of the Thermal Insulation Association of South Africa (TIPSASA). “Architects, contractors and government departments can be rest assured that Marley Polywool Insulation has the green light as a fully accredited product,” says Vilakazi.

A comprehensive offering
By adding this new thermal insulation range, Marley Building Systems is expanding its product solutions range to bring an even more comprehensive offering to the South African market and neighbouring countries. Marley Polywool Insulation specifically complements the company’s existing Siniat gypsum ceiling solutions.

“The energy-efficiency standards of SANS 204 require that all new buildings and extensions have insulation installed,” says Vilakazi, “and the introduction of Marley Polywool Insulation will make it convenient for our customers to now purchase insulation for every square metre of gypsum ceiling boards that they install. Efficiency drives innovation and we believe that Marley Building Systems has sought the right thermal insulation solution with Marley Polywool Insulation.

“This, of course, is in line with our positioning as the South African subsidiary of Belgian industrial group, Etex, to be a leading supplier of innovative, sustainable and complete building solutions,” Vilakazi adds.

“Our aim is to create today the solutions for the buildings of tomorrow.”

Marley Building Systems
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Caption: Marley Polywool Insulation carries the SABS mark of approval and complies with SANS 428 with a fire rating of B/B1/B2.

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