New multi-purpose adhesive clings to surfaces in only three seconds

by Darren

Sika launched a new water-based instant-grab adhesive that offers outstanding adhesion in just three seconds. Sika MaxTack® is a one-part, high-strength, copolymer dispersion adhesive, and is the essential solution for household improvements, decorating and repairs.

This multi-purpose grab adhesive is used for bonding building materials indoors and in sheltered outdoor areas. Sika MaxTack® is a valuable addition to Sika’s comprehensive range of sealing and bonding products. As an all-round, everyday bonding agent it is the affordable must-have in any home for general DIY projects.

Sika MaxTack® is suitable to bond decorative parts such as skirting boards, wooden frames, panels, terracotta  tiles, anodised aluminium, hard PVC profiles, ceramics, polystyrene mouldings and panels, polystyrene ceiling tiles, wood sticks and mouldings. Sika MaxTack® sticks practically everything to anything and eliminates the need for nails and screws in many DIY and repair jobs.

Advantages of the adhesive
•    Easy, quick and safe to use.
•    Water-based, solvent-free and odourless.
•    Good workability.
•    Powerful grab properties (green strength).
•    Offers nail-free fixing.
•    For interior use on walls and ceilings.
•    For sheltered outdoor use on canopy walls or balconies.   
•    Over-paintable by an emulsion waterborne paint.
•    Bonds to a wide range of substrates.

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