A new ultra-white mosaic adhesive allows glass mosaic tiles’ bright colours to come to the fore.


To ensure an impeccable installation of colourful glass mosaic tiles at 300 on Kent, the new office building of the JD Group’s Financial Services business in Randburg, TAL developed a customised ultra-white mosaic adhesive.
“Glass products are very brittle and rigid. Failure to use a flexible, high-strength adhesive system will result in movement being transferred directly to the glass,” explains Sharon Margon, technical adviser at TAL.

Glass mosaics, being reflective and translucent, will immediately show defects that might not be as visible with opaque tiles and therefore should be installed over a clean, flat surface. Also, a light-coloured adhesive is recommended as the aesthetic finish of the installation could be adversely affected when using a dark-coloured adhesive, such as a grey.

The four-storey building features a different colour scheme on each floor and the 300 x 300mm sheets of locally manufactured, colourful, floor-to-ceiling glass mosaics replicate the colour scheme in the bathrooms.

TAL Mosaicflex Ultra White is a rapid-setting, flexible, high-strength and water-resistant adhesive that allows the mosaic tiles’ bright colours to come to the fore.

“It was a challenge installing the mosaic as the glass tiles have a faded look, so they are darker at floor level and fade towards the ceiling. The tiles are numbered and we had to adhere to the exact pattern to make the tiles fit together like puzzle pieces,” says Alex Henery of Exquisite Tiling.

Inside, lift walls and focus walls feature porcelain tiles. The lobby walls showcase 300 x 600mm porcelain tiles with white and black stripes and aluminium trimming to create a focal point, with pause areas on each level featuring 300 x 300mm porcelain tiles in the different colours of the particular level. The main entrance was tiled with a grey 600 x 600mm porcelain tile and a 600 x 150mm rustic green inlay to replicate the steel beams and straight lines of the outside walls.
The exterior feature wall is covered with a 600 x 600mm striped black porcelain tile with polished inserts. Mechanical fixing was employed for the exterior wall installation.

“Mechanical support is very important with cladding installations and was installed at two-metre intervals. In the event that a tile should fail, this will prevent failure of an entire panel,” explains Henery.

TAL also supplied TAL Goldstar 12, a quick-setting, high-strength adhesive to install the porcelain tiles imported from Italy. TAL Bond, a modified latex additive, was used as a total water replacement in the TAL Goldstar 12 mix to improve the flexibility and water-resistance of the tile adhesive.
TAL products are manufactured locally and developed and tested to suit the South African climate conditions. TAL is ISO 9001:2008 certified and all TAL products used on this project conform to the VOC requirements stipulated by the Green Building Council of South Africa.

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