New mortar is ideal for concrete repairs

by Darren


Mapei South Africa, the local subsidiary of the mammoth Mapei Group,  an international leader in construction and concrete technology, has introduced Planitop Smooth & Repair, a quick-setting, compensated-shrinkage and fibre-reinforced mortar, ideal for the repair and smoothing of any concrete surface, especially these in permanent contact with water.
“From a formula specially developed in Mapei’s own research laboratories, this single component, thixotropic cementitious mortar is manufactured from specially selected hydraulic binders, selected fine-grain aggregates, polyacrylonitrile synthetic fibres, synthetic resins and selected aggregates,” says Paul Nieuwoudt, product manager for building systems at Mapei South Africa.

Mixed with water, Planitop Smooth & Repair offers good workability and hardens without shrinking. Its synthetic fibre content allows the product excellent bond strength on concrete substrates, and it also provides high dimensional stability with resulting low risks of cracking during the plastic phase and when hardened, as well as thermal compatibility to freeze/thaw cycles.

“The product is ideal for quick repairs to deteriorating parts in concrete, the corners of beams, pillars, buffer walls, cornices and the front edges of balconies, as well as smoothing over surface defects in cast concrete, such as gravel clusters, spacer holes and construction joints, or for repairing and smoothing over concrete mouldings on civil buildings, such as skirt roofs and protruding decorative elements, or the repair of prefabricated structures,” says Nieuwoudt.

This versatile product may be applied in a single layer to suit varying degrees of thicknesses required – from 3-40mm. For the best results, Planitop Smooth & Repair should not be applied to smooth or dry substrates, cement additives should not be added and the product is not recommended for fixing elements accurately in place or for use in temperatures below 5°C.
Planitop Smooth & Repair meets the main requirements of EN 1542, EN 1504-9, EN 1504-3 and EN 1504-2. The product is available in special 25kg vacuum-packed polyethylene sacks, which may be stored outside as rain has no effect on its characteristics.

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