New material adds vigour to upgraded product

by Tania Wannenburg
Classen Ceramin editorial Jnl 2 16

Ceramin is a new material added to the recently upgraded NEO 2.0, making it more robust and eco-friendly.

The well-received upgrade in laminate and vinyl flooring, on the original NEO by Classen, NEO 2.0, is, according to Managing Director Michael Kirkland of Kirk Marketing, an incredible floor and a pleasure to walk on. Michael, who recently visited Classen at their massive Baruth plant near Berlin followed by a visit to the Classen stand at Domotex 2016, says the flooring feels soft and warm and offers high wear properties suitable for commercial and domestic use in bathrooms and kitchens as well as general use.

“We dropped a large and heavy sample board onto the floor at the exhibition stand at Domotex and you could hardly hear the gentle thump,” he says.

Classen’s newly developed and patented CERAMIN material is one of the main additives in the board that is used in NEO 2.0. The floor is free of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other harmful substances, 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. This robust and waterproof floor is made in Germany.

CERAMIN is made of natural minerals bonded with polymers resulting in a material similar to ceramic which gives NEO 2.0 its outstanding properties. The newly developed CERAMIN carrier board forms the basis for the next generation design flooring for sustainability practice.

Amongst its many properties, NEO 2.0 has an environmental label, SEALtec surface sealing, resistance to UV radiation, is 4.5mm thick, with XXL options available (1800mm x 246mm). It also offers a structured surface, AC4, is a Class 32, 4-V bevelled edge with Classen patented Megaloc click system making it easy to install.

According to Michael, NEO 2.0 is an ideal solution for many failures experienced in the marketplace on the LVT click systems. Kirk will be introducing a range of décors into the marketplace.

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