New maintenance pad introduced

by Darren
PMSA Jnl 5 15

A new cleaning pad has been introduced to the flooring industry that cleans and polishes the floor mechanically.

Cleaning and maintaining high-traffic floor areas are the dual benefits the new BLUE HTC Twister diamond-media maintenance pad sets out to achieve. It has been launched in South Africa by Superb Flooring Solutions, a subsidiary of the Pan Mixers South Africa (PMSA) Group of Companies.

“The Twister cleaning system consists of floor pads containing billions of microscopic diamonds that clean and polish the floor mechanically,” says PMSA Sales and Marketing Manager Quintin Booysen. “The system does not make use of any harmful chemicals. It uses water as its primary cleaning agent, which is a major environmental benefit as well as reducing overall costs for end users.”

It is also considered ideal for most common floor surfaces such as terrazzo, ceramic tiles, linoleum, vinyl/plastic, and natural stone and concrete. When used in high-traffic areas such as in retail applications, or even metro stations, these floor surfaces have to be cleaned and maintained regularly. “The Blue Twister pads have been developed specifically for uncoated, hard resilient floors,” adds Quintin. “A single pad has a lifespan sufficient to cover up to 45 000 m2, which makes it an extremely cost-effective option.”

Quintin concludes by highlighting that PMSA, through Superb Flooring Systems, is able to offer total flooring solutions, from dealing with rough primary surfaces all the way through to daily cleaning of the final floor areas.

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