New LVT range designed to perform

by Darren
FloorworX Livyn LVT Jnl 2 16

FloorworX unveils their latest LVT range that boasts some of the latest technologies to enhance performance.

Imagine a floor that looks truly natural, a floor with an extra-matt finish and beautiful designs up to the tiniest details. Imagine a floor that feels soft, a floor that is cosy underfoot and one that is 100% water resistant. That’s what the brand-new Quick-Step Livyn floors are all about. Fitted with innovative ‘Stain Guard’ and ‘Scratch Guard’ technology, these new floors endeavour to look just as good in 20 years’ time as on the day they were first installed.


Perfectly natural look
The extra matt finish, beautiful surface structures and perfectly matching grooves make Livyn floors some of the most natural looking vinyl floors ever designed. The Quick-Step patented bevel technology means that the character and colour of the deep bevels is adapted to the design of the plank, giving an authentic real wood or stone look to a floor. Soft and comfortable to walk on, even barefoot.

Variety is the spice of life
Pick a favourite floor from 20 designs and two collections, including both planks (Balance) and tiles (Ambient). Each of these floors radiates a unique character thanks to the real life details, beautiful surface structures and fascinating colour variations. Livyn floors are available for normal daily use in ordinary living spaces (class 32) as well as an extra wear resistant version for areas with higher usage (class 33).

Excellent stain- and scratch resistance
According to FloorworX, Livyn floors are easy to look after, requiring just a single product for all maintenance. This is thanks to the fully sealed top layer with Stain Guard and Scratch Guard technology. It ensures total protection from scratches, stains and dirt. The fully sealed top layer ensures total protection from stains and dirt, making them easy to keep clean. Even the toughest stains (such as paint, nail-varnish or even marker ink) can just be wiped away.

Quick & easy to install
The new Uniclic Multifit for Livyn click system is easy, fast and durable. Its drop-down technology provides extra strength as a result of the vertical and horizontal click locking. Quick-Step Livyn floors are ideal for installation over underfloor heating or cooling. These floors are also thin and flexible so they can easily be laid on top of existing, level floorcoverings. This saves significantly on removal effort.

Respect for the environment
Refined production technologies ensure a fully closed top surface. VOC emissions are up to 10 times lower than the European standard and all Livyn floors are odourless. Production waste is fully recycled, and all boards are 100% recyclable. Only carefully screened raw materials are used during the energy efficient production process.

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