New LVP range clicks its way into the market

by Tania Wannenburg
Van Dyck Verso LVP Jnl 2 16

New click LVP range from Van Dyck simplifies installation & leaves behind a stunning floor.

The new Verso click luxury vinyl plank flooring from Van Dyck offers specifiers and home owners an exciting new flooring option that aims to take style to a whole new level of convenience.

According to Dr. Mehran Zarrebini, Chief Executive of Van Dyck Carpets, which will be distributing Verso in South Africa, two of the main benefits are ease of installation and the fact that no glue or nails are needed.

As mentioned above, Verso flooring is specially designed for quick and trouble-free installation, which is why each piece simply locks directly into place, giving the same stunning aesthetic look as a traditional installation. This click flooring also ensures a solid installation due to the enhanced versatile locking system, outperforming several products on the market.

“Verso is a floating floor system that can be fitted over numerous surfaces such as ceramics, laminates, concrete and wood,” explains Mehran. “It is not only quick to install but can hide imperfections and problems such as floors not being completely level.”

As it does not require glue, Verso is also more eco-friendly. The lack of glue and quicker installation process also tends to offset higher prices, making what is generally considered a premium product more affordable.

Mehran goes on to say that this range is ideal for both light commercial and heavy residential applications. At 4.2 mm with a 0.3mm Superguard wear layer, it is thicker than other flooring products and therefore does not need an underlay.

In addition, the Superguard layer is scuff- and stain-resistant and is easy to clean, offering maximum protection and minimum maintenance. This wear layer means that Verso is resistant to spots and shoe marks, which can be easily wiped clean. The Superguard layer also minimises indentations caused by chairs, cupboards and even high heels.

Unlike many other flooring applications, Verso is fully waterproof, making it suitable for any room – even bathrooms and kitchens. It is extremely easy to clean and no expensive cleaning agents are needed, just a simple broom, mop and vacuum cleaner. This product range won’t harbour dust mites or other allergens thanks to its bacteria fighting properties.

Another plus for Verso is that it absorbs sound, resulting in better acoustics within a home or working environment.

Mehran notes that, when it comes to wider maintenance issues such as repairing underfloor piping or wiring, individual planks can be removed and then simply clicked back into place. Ordinarily the whole floor would have to be lifted and re-installed from scratch – a process made all the more difficult by the use of strong adhesives that need to be removed and then reapplied. This makes it much easier to replace a single damaged plank if needed.

Currently Verso is available in 18.7cm x 125.1cm planks, however, there is a strong possibility that additional sizes will be introduced in the near future. This range comes in eight contemporary colours ranging from very light naturals and contemporary greys to the more traditional but stylish looking darker wood colours.

Verso is manufactured in Belgium and the manufacturer is committed to quick turnaround times for the product. The company has also provided extensive training and technical back-up for Van Dyck.

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