In recent years, much research and development (R&D) efforts have been invested into finding technology that allows for the production of performant and sustainable cement with less clinker.

Sika is working on the development of concrete admixtures, implementing the LC3 (Limestone Calcined Clay Cement) technology that lowers CO2 emissions that was developed by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne. The project aims to reduce the CO2 footprint of cement by switching to a novel supplementary cementitious material that has the ability to replace up to 50% of clinker in cement.

The new technology will create a paradigm shift in the concrete industry and represents a great opportunity for Sika to enable the construction sector to rapidly adopt this technology, which offers alternative solutions for concrete production and mortar products.

LC3 – a paradigm shift in the construction industry
Frank Höfflin, Chief Technology Officer for Sika comments, “With these new LC3 admixtures, we are walking the talk of our sustainability strategy. Our aim is to act as an enabler of sustainability in the construction industry and to develop more environmentally friendly and better performing products, which will reduce resource consumption and the construction industry’s environmental impact.”

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