Belgotex Floors has launched an extensive new flooring collection using an imaginative marketing campaign.

Belgotex Floors has recently launched a new flooring collection and sampling programme that is set to take the built environment by storm. The extensive collection, called the Lifestyle Collection, is designed to disrupt the traditional retail model by making carpeting more appealing to the younger generation – termed Millennials – and enhance the customer experience.  

In Your Element
Eleven new floors – nine contemporary carpet ranges and two vinyl options – reflect the tones and textures of the five elements of Life: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.

These elements reflect our deepest character and influence our preferences – from colours on our personal palette, to our favourite pastime, the type of holidays we enjoy, even our emotions.

The Lifestyle Collection has been packaged and displayed in an attractive, intuitive new format guaranteed to excite consumers and simplify the decision-making process. Selecting a floor simply identifying which element (and corresponding colours and textures) defines each customer and is quick, easy and enjoyable.

People are often overwhelmed by the many choices they have to make each day – from what to wear to what to order at a restaurant – so they are often unsure of what they really want. Once customers are able to isolate their true nature – lifestyle, needs, likes and dislikes – and drown out all the “noise”, they are better equipped to make an informed decision. By getting to know a little more about the customer, the salesman is also better able to give relevant advice.

Journey of Discovery
Belgotex developed a “Journey of Discovery” which is an online quiz called “In Your Element” to help customers identify their core element and find their perfect floor. Customers can take their own “Journey of Discovery” by visiting to reveal the core element that defines who they are and discover the perfect flooring for their project.

This engaging process opens the conversation with the customer and serves as a useful specifying tool. Once the customer has completed the quiz, the sales person is better able to guide the customer in their product selection based on their personal palette and preferences.

Suitcase Samples
A portable sample “suitcase” beautifully displays each element with stunning lifestyle images and samples from the Lifestyle Collection in the prominent shades and textures of that element.

From the nude, beige undertones of Air to the natural earthy browns of Earth, Spirit’s ethereal shades of grey or the cool, calm blues of Water to the warm reds and oranges of Fire, they’ll find their favourite floor in tones and textures that define their style and personality.

The suitcase replaces the traditional bulky 69 x 34 sample books, while handy 10 x 15 colour swatches (that conveniently fit into a handbag) can be handed to customers once they’ve narrowed down their choices.

This also gives you an opportunity to invite them to your showroom, increasing traffic to your store and giving you a further opportunity to engage with your customer.

In-Store Display
A striking in-store display unit has been designed to revamp store interiors in line with international carpet retailers who completely refurbish every 3 – 5 years. It clips over existing display stands and is therefore quick and easy to install.

The Lifestyle Collection comprises seven brand new carpet ranges and two updated carpets that offer soft, stylish luxury in traditional cut-piles, textured berbers and cords.

New Elegance and Bella Vista, or recoloured Heather Twist cut-pile carpets offer traditional soft, sumptuous luxury in the coolest or hottest hues this season.

Cobble Ridge, Timeless and Portrait offer corded, chunky texture while Country Living and Habitat or popular two-toned Stoneridge provide loop-pile comfort and convenience.

If sleek ‘n smooth is more their style, Charleston luxury vinyl tiles or Toledo cushioned vinyl in trendy timber tones or cool, contemporary colours provide a stylish, waterproof surface.

Take your own “Journey of Discovery” by visiting to reveal the core element that defines who you are and discover flooring for you!

For more information, contact Belgotex Floors on +27 (33) 897 7500 or via or Youtube: Belgotex