New lifestyle centre celebrates community living

by Zuerita
New lifestyle centre celebrates community living

Play, pause and participate
These were the living principles that the developers envisaged for the residents of a new lifestyle estate located in the heart of suburban Ottery, in the southern suburbs of Cape Town.

StayMelville, developed by Aquacor Property Developers and marketed by Stay Properties, is an eco-friendly security estate offering a total of 348 bright, contemporary two-bedroom and two-bathroom apartments, with the community at its heart.

Matthew Quinton, director of Aquacor Property Developers, says their vision was to offer a lifestyle estate where children can still safely play in the driveway and pick fruit from trees while observing how the world grows alongside them. He says the land in Ottery, which was typically overlooked due to past stigma, offers access to all amenities such as schools, transport, retail and leisure, at the right price.

Spread out over three hectares of generously landscaped gardens, multiple pocket parks and vegetable gardens, with close to 300 fruit and nut trees, solar power and free, uncapped Internet access as well as secure biometric access, StayMelville promises so much more.

“We are extremely proud of what StayMelville offers and represents. It has allowed us to develop something spectacular for ourselves and the people who are going to be living here. The whole development has a feeling of community and the permaculture principles followed, possibly makes it the greenest estate developed in Cape Town to date,” says Robert Koen of Aquacor Property Developers.

Cosy, stylish interiors
At StayMelville, every apartment is built with the optimal use of space in mind. Utilising every nook and cranny, without compromising on practicality or style, the developers considered where you put your broom, surfboard, hockey stick or cooler box – all items that normally become issues when living in an apartment, says Robert Koen, marketing manager of Stay Properties.

The apartments are at 51m² big and are all identical, with a natural flow to the layout and design, offering a sense of modern, warm homeliness.

The apartments are finished with state-of-the-art fittings that include a fully fitted kitchen with a stone countertop, built-in oven and a four-plate HOB with an extractor fan. Additional storage and space for your standard size fridge and washing machine extend the kitchen to the full width of the open-plan room, adding to the impact of the spacious living space.

Apart from the built-in cupboards throughout, the main bedroom’s en-suite bathroom features a shower, basin and toilet, while the family bathroom has all this with the shower over a stylish bathtub.

Unique exterior positioning
The concrete-slab ceilings are soundproof, which is essential for apartment living. The LED lighting used throughout the apartments ensures that they are subtly but well lit, creating a warm and inviting ambience.

The exterior of the all units is identical, but has been cleverly positioned, each with its own unique characteristics to suit the location, be it to avoid the wind or to optimise the natural light. The top-floor corner units have views of the entire range of Cape Town mountains from Devil’s Peak to Simon’s Town, with the ground-floor apartments opening onto a small private porch with direct access to the communal gardens.

Green, greenest, gardens
The glorious landscaping and extensive gardens at StayMelville are grown and maintained for the joy of its residents, making it a “living, evolving space”. About 70% of the landscape architecture is dedicated to indigenous, edible gardens. Young trees bearing their first fruit line the spaces between and around the different blocks. “People are encouraged to use the plethora of herbs, vegetables and fruits they can find growing anywhere on the property,” says Koen.

The design approach of StayMelville is based on permaculture principles, which considered all the different systems from the word go. Here all elements coexist and contribute to each other’s survival and success – from the water that not only feeds the people and the gardens but also generates power and energy.

Only greywater is used to flush the ±700 toilets in the estate, on an average of 10ℓ per flush, which amounts to a tremendous potable water saving over a single day. The blackwater is then recycled until it is 99% potable and then used in the gardens on the estate.

In addition, the residents have access to the following amenities:
• A community centre that residents can use for eventing free of charge, with a communal lounge, shared workspace, coffee bar and indoor gym.
• Exercising outdoors is encouraged through the estate’s 1km running track, generously dispersed outdoor gym equipment dotted throughout the estate and two soccer fields.
• Pre-schoolers are housed in four classrooms, a playground and aftercare facilities run by PEAK CHILD. Children between three months and five years are skilfully schooled and provided with two meals a day for about R2 000 per month.
• A full laundry service, solar heating, a generator for the estate’s security, lights and Internet with an upgradable 5MG unlimited data line are included on the list of extra facilities, all included in the levies.

Convenience of choice
StayMelville’s price range to buy sits between R1,1 million and R1,3 million and on average these apartments rent for about R8 500, would you choose not to buy. A total of 60 apartments in three selected blocks are for sale, with the remainder available to rent.

StayMelville is just five minutes’ drive from the M5 highway, giving residents convenient access to some of the finest attractions of the South Peninsula, including the warm-water beaches of Muizenberg, Kalk Bay and St James, and the green belt and mountain paths of the Constantia Valley.

This development is a shining example of a developer’s passion to make a difference, coupled with a strong focus on nature and its residents’ wellbeing, delivering a lifestyle estate where community is the way of living it promises, and so much more.

Phone: 021 417 4300
Email: marketing@stayproperties.co.za
Website: www.staymelville.co.za

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