New laminate flooring ranges now available

by Darren
Van Dyck Pergo laminates now available Jnl 7 16

The first Pergo ranges are now available from Van Dyck, the exclusive distributor of all Pergo laminate collections in South Africa.

There is more to a beautiful floor that meets the eye because when it comes to floors, the beauty really is in the detail. It is for this reason that Van Dyck, the exclusive distributor of all Pergo laminate collections in South Africa and the SADC (Southern African Development Community) region, has focused on providing the local markets with Pergo laminate floors that not only look authentic, but feel authentic as well. The Domestic Elegance, Living Expression Long Plank and Living Expression AquaSafe are the first fully stocked Pergo ranges available from Van Dyck.

Domestic Elegance is Van Dyck’s entry level collection and offers a variety of different looks and designs. It is the ideal solution for built environment professionals who are looking for a quality flooring solution on a budget. The Domestic Elegance range, while affordable, is a budget solution in price only. With a 20-year guarantee, Domestic Elegance delivers quality laminate flooring with the durability that you expect from a Pergo floor.  

Their top of the range Living Expression Long Plank floors are manufactured to last a very long time. In these collections, you will find designs that give a room clean visual lines, added space, and a distinct contemporary look. The splendour of the format magnifies the beauty of nature and allows it to stretch all the way into a home.

Van Dyck’s most innovative range offering is the Pergo Living Expression AquaSafe range, which is nothing short of revolutionary. AquaSafe is not only designed for intriguing and captivating aesthetics, but when it comes to performance, it excels when compared to other ranges. The new AquaSafe technology ensures the floors are water-resistant, making them ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and other areas that are prone to moisture and wetness, and by doing so, it can compete head-on with most LVT’s (luxury vinyl tiles).

The authentic, true-to-nature surface is made possible by a technique that can reproduce the deep grooves of wood to perfection providing a unique, natural feel. These authentic designs have a new matt surface and go all the way into the bevels. In addition, a water repellent coating on the plank edges ensures that water cannot penetrate the floor, also making AquaSafe a hygienic solution. Dirt, just like water, simply stays on the surface and can be wiped away easily. Van Dyck is confident that the new Pergo floors are going to be a hit among local professionals due to their performance and aesthetic qualities.

Added benefits of using Pergo laminate:
•    The Pergo Living Expression collection (Long Plank and AquaSafe) has a unique click system Perfect Fold 3.0™ which offers three ways of installation and thus makes installation of commercial laminate flooring fast and easy in every situation. The PerfectFold™3.0 click-system comes with a lifetime guarantee and ensures stable locking, without gaps or height differences.
•    Pergo Domestic Elegance has the patented Uniclic system on all 4 sides.
•    All of Van Dyck’s commercial laminate floors have a superior resistance against wear, impact and scratches. Our patented TitanX™ surface is the best multilayer protective floor finish on the market, providing wear resistance that exceeds normal standards for commercial environments.
•    Pergo laminate floors can be maintained without problems, in minimum  time and with minimum effort. What’s more, all Pergo laminate floors eliminate static electricity.
•    The patented Pergo 5-in-1 profile offers five different moulding solutions for different parts of the floor, all wrapped up in one handy package. It matches the floor perfectly in colour as well as in structure, and the all-in-one solutions provide a seamless result, even on a stair nose.
•    All Pergo laminates are certified as a good environmental choice made from renewable resources and carry the PEFC environmental label.

For more information, contact Van Dyck on +27 (11) 457 4900 or via www.vandyckcarpets.com.

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