At the beginning of May 2018, MasterFibre and PFE International announced a strategic joint venture that will see the two entities combine their manufacturing, marketing and distribution facilities nationally. All manufacturing of moulded products will now take place at Van Dyck’s factory in Durban.

This move will increase manufacturing capacity ten fold while freeing MasterFibre managing director, Aldo Steyn, and his team’s capacity to focus on product and market development. MasterFibre, which is a leader in the manufacture and installation of recycled rubber from recycled tyres, says that the joint venture will not change the existing services offered by the company but the additional manufacturing capacity will enable the company to increase both the number and size of orders and cut down lead times on orders significantly.

The new joint venture will also see the introduction of a number of new products and colours, both immediately and over the next year. These include the development of flexi grids for the agricultural and mining industries. One of the strongest growth areas for the new joint venture, however, is rubber moulded products for children’s playgrounds and sporting facilities.

For more information, contact MasterFibre on +27 (21) 511 7411 or via

Caption to main image: Aldo Steyn and Mehran Zarrebini pictured with one of the machines in the Durban factory that manufacture MasterFibre moulded rubber products.

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