A new aluminium glass and board partitioning system, Crealco Infinity, takes office partitioning to the next level.

Locally designed and extruded, the brand new Crealco Infinity internal partitioning system is the latest addition to Wispeco Aluminium’s architectural Crealco product range and the first of its kind. It not only allows design flexibility with a great look, but also conforms to building regulations.

The Crealco Infinity system has been specially developed to accommodate one glass panel or two glass panels with a cavity in-between them. This makes it possible to fit louvres or blinds or special ambient lighting. If there is an acoustic requirement, the two glass panel with cavity configuration is perfect for noise reduction within the office space. To further enhance noise reduction the system allows special boarding to be fitted.

Crealco Infinity allows a range of panel thicknesses, from 6,38mm laminated glass to 16mm wood veneer options. The maximum single panel option is 19mm, allowing design flexibility to meet aesthetic and application requirements of the client.

Application options
The Crealco Infinity partition system can be utilised in various commercial building applications. Using relevant profiles, the partitions can be designed according to varied angles and the system can also accommodate aluminium doors.

The system is uniquely equipped to incorporate the Crealco Clip 44 shopfront doors to finish off a picture-perfect office, while sliding doors can also be used to separate offices or create larger rooms, such as board, event or reception rooms.

Seamless installation
Since the Crealco Infinity’s different profiles are “straight-cut” and clip in together to form the complete system, no complex machining and fixings are required. A compensation channel allows flexibility for those offices which may have unique floor levels. The partition system can be powder-coated in different colours from the inside to the outside of an office. Customised boarding of up to 16mm thick with design printing can also be installed within the system.

No cabling chaos
Intended to be a world-class product, a power skirting has been incorporated in the Crealco Infinity partition system design to house electrical, telephone and network cabling separately. Removable covers allow easy access for maintenance without interfering with panels.

For more information, please visit the Crealco website at www.crealco.co.za or contact Wispeco Aluminium.

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