Introducing a high-quality, entry-level carpet range

by Darren
Nouwens Carpets Jnl 6 15

Introducing a new, high-quality entry-level carpet range to the SA market, which gives everyone the opportunity to own a carpet from a reputable company.

In August 2015, Nouwens Carpets released its first economical entry-level carpet range into the South African market – considered ideal for homes and commercial offices. Previously positioned with products catering only for the higher-LSM market, Nouwens Carpets has now created “Stereo”, a new range that will speak to the middle class’s pockets with various multi-faceted and distinctive, yet affordable, carpets.

Stereo is the latest addition to the Nouwens Easi Carpets range, which has firmly established itself in the market as a top-quality synthetic carpeting option. All Easi Carpets products come with an Easicare soil-resistant treatment that is applied at Nouwens’ locally-based mill, meaning these carpets are more resistant to dirt. Easi Carpets are also known for their excellent colourfastness so, should a stain occur, owners can clean their carpets with total peace of mind.

The new Stereo range will exhibit all of these attributes and more. This cutting-edge option is made by using the latest technology to tuft three different colours into the primary Nouwens backing, and is the thickest quality carpet available in its price range.

Over the past 52 years, Nouwens Carpets has built a solid reputation, courtesy of the company’s passion for creating iconic, hardwearing carpet solutions, as well as its commitment to craftsmanship and quality. The Stereo range reflects the company’s values and is available in six different colours: Loft, Patio, Quarters, Studio, Suite and Terrace.

Nouwens Carpets Chairman, Oscar Grobler, is excited to see how the market will respond to this new product offering. “We are thrilled to launch this unique range of carpets to the local market,” he says. “Stereo is a one-of-a-kind range that we developed because we wanted to offer up-and-coming homeowners and businesses the chance to own a Nouwens carpet. We are confident that Stereo carpets will add to the overall comfort and ambience of any home or office space.”

The Stereo range has been available in stores since the end of August, and is also available at selected stockists.

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