TAL has recently launched a high traffic grout designed to provide a durable, scratch and water-resistant finish in installation areas subjected to high traffic volumes or heavy loads. The quick-setting TAL High Traffic Grout is ideal for retail centres and stores, car showrooms as well as exterior installations.

The product is available in White and Dove Grey and it provides good resistance to mild organic acids in special locations such as dairies, abattoirs, citrus plants and industrial or restaurant kitchens. It is suitable for filling wall and floor joints between 3-12mm wide and is ideal for a quick turnaround on site thanks to a setting time of only 12 hours.

The use of additives in the grout mix is not required as TAL High Traffic Grout is formulated to deliver excellent flexural strength and water resistance. The TAL Warranty Programme offers a 10-year warranty on any tiling installation, provided TAL issues a Materials and Methods Specification for the project, which ensures that TAL products are used in strict accordance with the specification and the installation is undertaken by a TAL Registered Tiler and monitored by TAL.

For more information, contact Tal on Tel: +27 (11) 206 9700 or via www.tal.co.za.