New glass coating offers barrier protection

by Ofentse Sefolo
New glass coating offers barrier protection

There has been a breakthrough in nanoscale glass-coating technology which seals and protects glass against soiling, corrosion and degradation from environmental exposure, thanks to a polysiloxane coating.

The invisible “barrier” coating seamlessly bonds to the glass, sealing its microscopic pores, to render it water, soil, stain, mineral, corrosion and scratch resistant. This is thanks to Invisible Shield® PRO 15, which dramatically improves the ongoing appearance and clarity of glass, and provides long-term protection against potentially irreversible damage from stains, pitting, etching or scratches.

The “easy-clean” properties of the protected glass eliminate the need for harsh chemicals and abrasives, and make cleaning faster, easier and more efficient. The coating is unaffected by non-abrasive soaps, solvents and detergents, and will not crack, peel or discolour over time.

The coating can be applied to both interior and exterior glass, including windows, facades, partitions, doors, balustrades, skylights, atriums, shower glass, mirrors, windscreens and photovoltaic panels.

The need to protect glass

Commercial and residential glass is easily damaged by the environment and exposure to weather, pollution, acid rain, carbon emissions, sand, grit, chemicals, cement, aluminium run-off and other corrosive contaminants. Cleaning unprotected glass on a regular basis has become necessary to prevent permanent stains and damage, but it is incredibly time-, labour- and material-intensive.

IS PRO 15 reduces the impact of exposure to environmental pollutants, reducing repairs and replacements as well as the frequency and cost of cleaning. It offers owners, contractors and end users an easier, more cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to maintain glass.

Special features and benefits

1. Invisible Shield® PRO 15 has undergone extensive laboratory and field testing, and offers unmatched performance and value in terms of durability, ease of application and cost per square metre.

2. Unelko offers a 15-year performance warranty and lifetime satisfaction guarantee for Invisible Shield® PRO 15. IS PRO 15 is extremely durable and can last up to 15 years on most exterior glass surfaces.

3. IS PRO 15 is easily applied, with no required curing time. The coating is ultra-thin and spreads evenly and durably, instantly forming a covalent bond to the glass.

4. After the initial application, the water-based Repel™ Dual-Action Glass Cleaner is recommended to maintain the treated, protected glass and refresh the “easy-clean” performance of IS PRO 15 indefinitely.

FG Trading offers a wide range of trusted solutions for glass processing and the manufacture of windows and facades. The addition of Invisible Shield PRO 15 and the Unelko range to FG Trading’s portfolio ensures that all the components, from the glass to the sealing and bonding products, contribute towards durable, sustainable and environmentally conscious windows and facades.

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Main image: Invisible Shield® PRO 15 protects glass with a long-lasting water, soil, stain, mineral, corrosion and scratch resistant “barrier” coating.

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