Ceramic firm Decocer has a wide range of differential and unusual geometric shapes that makes it almost unique at an international level. It specialises in the design and manufacture of custom-made and exclusive small-size tiles for manufacturers and distributors around the world. 

The company produces small-size tiles with high added value – from common shapes such as the square or rectangle to other more sophisticated geometries with hexagons, feathers, trapezoids, rhombuses and the picket or stake, among others. 

On trend hexagons 

The use of hexagons is trending in interior design today, and Decocer has several collections, finishes and sizes. Combine different shades and looks, with mixing and matching to create pictures and patterns. 

Herringbone patterns 

Special designs can be created with the humble rectangular tile, depending on its placement and size. Rectangular tiles placed in a herringbone or zigzag pattern bring unique style and enriching movement to the space. 

This pattern is very striking, particularly if different shades are combined in the same design. Sizes range from elongated formats in 50mm x 500mm, to the smallest of 50mm x 150mm, which are customisable and can be adapted to the creative needs of each project. 

Decocer presents a rich world of geometric shaped tiles, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s statement: “Geometry is the foundation of all architecture.”  

More than square 

Square-shaped tiles are the most traditional, being easy to install and adaptable to any room. It is a simple and symmetrical shape, which fits perfectly with both classic and contemporary styles. 

Decocer has the usual ceramic sizes, the well-known 10cm x 10cm, 15cm x 15cm and 20cm x 20cm, all in a wide range of colours, graphics and finishes. The conventional option is to use a single colour or the same tile throughout, but adding different graphics or colours, or patterned tiles can create visually interesting spaces.  

Advanced geometry 

The range of shapes from Decocer does not end here. It can also supply tile ranges with rhombuses, trapezoids and many other shapes. The various shapes allow for the creation of incredible unique designs and combinations. 

Full acknowledgement and thanks go to https://www.decocer.com/ for the information in this editorial. 

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