The Comtest Group, Fluke’s authorised test and measurement distributor for South and Southern Africa, has announced the release of a trio of new Fluke high-definition, industrial-performance digital cameras, the Ti400, Ti300 and Ti200. 

Equipped with LaserSharp™ Auto-Focus Fluke has taken it a step further, guaranteeing perfectly focused images, every time. Users of infrared camera technology rate focus as the single-most important factor when conducting an infrared inspection. Without an in-focus image, temperature measurements are not accurate and problems could be overlooked. LaserSharp auto-focus technology on these Fluke IR cameras indicates exactly where the focal point is by using a laser to calculate the distance to the target, before it focuses. It simply requires that the user places a red laser dot on the equipment to be inspected; the trigger is then pulled and released, delivering a perfectly focused image.

The Ti400 range features wireless connectivity, enabling the cameras to connect with other wireless devices. Free firmware allows for the capture of up to five additional measurements with the CNX Wireless system directly to a PC, Apple iPhone or iPad. These additional measurements help to diagnose problems faster and provide additional data to create more comprehensive reports. Field-installable telephoto and wide-angle lenses are available for added versatility in special applications. Voice annotation makes pen and paper obsolete.

The Comtest Group
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