Introducing a new generation of green flooring

by Darren
Classen Neo Jnl 6 15

A new floor that is fully recyclable and environmentally friendly has been introduced to the industry.

As an alternative to vinyl planks in the marketplace, Classen has introduced a fully recyclable and environmentally friendly green floor. This new generation design brings together outstanding design characteristics from the worlds of laminate and vinyl.

This range is manufactured in Germany and is waterproof, extremely hardwearing and contains no PVC or chlorine. It is also free from plasticisers and phthalates, recyclable and ecologically friendly.

The Classen Group has developed and applied for a patent for a new connection system for its Neo flooring, which complements the Megaloc fold-down profile on the head of the panels, with a newly developed long-side connection. The truly special feature of this new locking system is, however, invisible to the end user – the V-groove formed by the overlapping bevelling. This also conceals the natural backlash between the panels, which benefits the installation process and shows no optical disadvantages after the form fit. Along with this innovation, Classen has recently introduced an XXL plank in the Neo range, which is 1800 mm x 246 mm x 4.5 mm thick.

In order for Classen to keep up with the speed of supply and offerings to their customers, production line no.10 was introduced at the Baruth site in May 2015, which, according to Classen, is the fastest of its kind as it is able to operate at a speed of up to 350m/min.

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