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New functionality for a 1989 bungalow


House Jagasia’s exceptional interior project embarked on a transformative journey, rejuvenating a 1989 bungalow in New Friends Colony, New Delhi. The primary challenge for design studio Nitin Kohli Home? To infuse the space with contemporary functionality while honouring its rich heritage without altering the structure. The client, a family of four including a grandmother, parents and a vibrant six-year-old daughter, sought a home that would cater to their diverse needs. 

Home gallery 

Central to the project was the client’s deep appreciation for art, inspiring a thoughtful design approach where each room was curated around carefully selected art pieces, transforming the interiors into a living canvas. Earthy and tonal hues dominated the colour palette, fostering a harmonious and inviting atmosphere throughout the home. 

Smart space 


A significant architectural change was the elevation, enhancing the bungalow’s aesthetic appeal and maintaining its architectural integrity. Smart space planning was pivotal in maximising room functionality, while preserving a spacious ambiance. Strategic furniture placement, multifunctional pieces and clever storage solutions ensured that every inch of the space was utilised efficiently. 

One of the project’s highlights was the integration of natural elements, fulfilling the client’s request to bring the outdoors inside. The enchanting Rani Pink bougainvillea, which featured prominently in the landscape, provided a stunning backdrop and an inviting oasis, elevating the home’s ambiance. 

Materiality and palette 

Project Jagasia enhanced the bungalow’s aesthetic appeal while maintaining its architectural integrity.

The project presented a unique challenge for Jagasia, requiring a departure from designing luxurious projects with polished marbles to embracing a more rustic and monochrome palette. In the living room, a vibrant colour scheme of red and blue served as the foundation, complemented by carefully curated accents to enhance the overall design aesthetic. 

In a striking departure from traditional marble flooring, the interiors showcased a captivating mix of terrazzo tiles and wooden planks, infusing warmth and character into the space. This design narrative extended seamlessly into the bathrooms, including the powder room. Here the same materials were employed with varying applications, maintaining a cohesive and sophisticated ambiance throughout. 

Custom-designed light fixtures added a touch of elegance, illuminating the space with a unique and refined charm. The design style effortlessly blended urban chic with coastal charm, resulting in a home that exuded sophistication and relaxation in equal measures. 

The Jagasia project stands as a testament to the art of preserving history, while embracing modernity. It is creating a space where every corner tells a story. With meticulous attention to detail and a keen eye for design, Jagasia achieved a harmonious balance. Art, elegance and functionality coexist seamlessly, redefining the concept of contemporary living. 


Project details: 

Project name: Jagasia. 

Designer: Nitin Kohli Home. 

Location: New Friends Colony, New Delhi, India. 

Size: 7500 square feet (±697m²). 

Photographer: Ankush Maria. 


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