New floors for historic hotel

by Ofentse Sefolo
New floors for historic hotel

Three of a.b.e. Construction Chemicals’ popular flooring products were used for the refurbishment and alterations to the concrete floors of Knysna’s historic and prestige Turbine Boutique Hotel and Spa.

The five-star Turbine Hotel and Spa began full operation in August 2010. Among its many features are 26 luxury bedrooms and suites as well as the popular Gastro Pub, conference facilities and a jetty for motorised pontoon cruising. The hotel has an interesting origin and location. Knysna pioneers, the Thesen family, started a power station from wood waste from the timber mill in 1922. The power station supplied electricity to both Knysna and Plettenberg Bay for many years. The power station site from which the Turbine Hotel now operates was built in 1939 and formed part of the Eskom power grid until 2001. The original wood boiler for electricity generators and much of the old power station’s equipment have been meticulously restored and are now on display to blend in with the hotel’s décor themes.

The reception area was initially re-floored, followed by the courtyard, the hotel’s Gastro Pub and finally the floors on which the historic and heavy turbines – after which the upmarket hotel is named – are displayed. The entire flooring project was completed in only 14 days by a.b.e.-approved applicators, Global Theme Design.

The products used included abeflo epoxy self-levelling flooring system; abecote WD 337 epoxy as primer; and epidermix 318 epoxy repair compound.

a.b.e.’s two-component polyamide cured epoxy adhesive/repair compound, epidermix 318, was initially applied to fill all cracks and holes in the existing flooring. epidermix 318 can effectively repair and patch a wide variety of concrete defects including honeycombing and spalling.

Following this, a.b.e.’s abecote WD 337 two-component, water-dispersed grey epoxy was used as primer. abecote WD 337 is a protective, decorative coating that in addition to other uses, is often used as a primer for concrete surfaces prior to the application of abeflo.

Alta Diedericks, a.b.e. branch manager in George, adds: “A 2mm coating of abeflo in a new colour, Turbine Cream – especially formulated by a.b.e. for the Hotel flooring – was then applied. “This well-known and acclaimed system provides seamless, hygienic flooring, and with its strong colour retention, was perfect for the five-star hotel. Self-levelling abeflo – which is also chemical-resistant – has been specified for health-sensitive institutions such as hospitals, schools, kitchens, canteens and supermarkets throughout South Africa for many years. It’s a four-component system comprising a clear resin and hardener, pre-packed blended aggregate and pigment paste. Turbine Cream has now been added to the colours in the a.b.e. abeflo range.”

For more information, contact a.b.e. Construction Chemicals on +27 (11) 306 9000 or via www.abe.co.za.

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