New flooring range symbolises Africa, attitude and creativity

by Ofentse Sefolo
New flooring range symbolises Africa, attitude and creativity

In April, Belgotex unveiled its brand-new Belgotex Durban showroom in Umhlanga, as well as its new design-led, commercial flooring range called Grafica.

Edward spoke about the deep connection Belgotex shares with its people, product and planet, and how the showroom aims to serve customers better by allowing them to fully experience the Belgotex brand. Edward is a third-generation family member in the company and shared that he felt it was important for the new showroom to reveal the authentic layers of brand and business.

“This space is an experience, not just a product, and our brand is the same. There’s so much more to who we are and why we do what we do, and this allows us to tell that story,” said Edward.

After Edward’s presentation, the guests were introduced to the company’s new commercial flooring range, Grafica. The three new tufted tile designs are influenced by Africa’s abundant creativity and a bold commercial collection that delivers robust, graphic pattern to hard-working floors.

“Grafica is not just another new range for us at Belgotex. It is a true and authentic example of our team putting concept and creativity at the fore, and then using the machinery and technology available to us to execute the concept. I’m proud of the team for having faith in the creative process and trusting that the outcome would be something more sincere than what we’ve done in the past,” said Edward.

Grafica is an expression of the everyday objects that make up life in our cities. The range is described as “attitude and Africa made one”. Crates is a stack-style design inspired by our local make-shift, can-do culture. Blocks is a reflection of urban life in Africa, a vibrant grid of energy where cultures converge for the daily hustle. Beautifully organised chaos is represented by Skew Lines, which celebrates Africa’s contrasts and clash of perspectives.

For more information, contact Belgotex on +27 (33) 897 7500 or via www.belgotex.co.za.

Scan here or click on http://tiny.cc/Grafica to view the story behind Grafica

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