Sika, known for its high performance flooring products, was called in when the Eco Exhibit’s floor was in need of a rapid repair job.

Located within Cape Town’s Building Centre in Northgate Estate, the Eco Exhibit showcases environmentally and ecologically friendly products and technologies used within the building industry, supplying education on sustainable building materials and providing a one-stop shop for all building solutions.

It promotes sustainable design and innovation for use in project planning, eco-design and green construction. Sika has a permanent display in the Building Centre, which is maintained and kept current by the Sika Cape Town Distribution Team.

The Eco Exhibit area had undergone minor damage when a beam was removed in the exhibition space. Phillip Boshoff, Sika’s Cape Town Area Sales Manager, visited Ron Schonfeld at the Eco Exhibit premises to see where Sika could be of assistance.

The screed on top of the concrete was cracked and damaged in an area of about 10cm x 20cm, with a depth of 30mm. Phillip offered not only his services but also donated the Sika products that were ideally suited to the job.

He requested that the staff prepare the surface by removing loose material and cleaning up the damaged area before application. Once the floor had been treated with Sika’s high performance flooring and repair products, the surface was as good as new.

Concrete Maintenance and Repair
Many decades of research and development plus practical experience have enabled Sika to provide systems to restore and rehabilitate concrete structures that have deteriorated due to corrosion, structural damage, water infiltration, reactive aggregates, and other factors.

Sika offers a variety of special admixtures for site batch mortars, pre-bagged repair mortars and a wide range of concrete protective solutions. Whether it’s a small repair job to a floor or a multimillion rand development, Sika has a range of construction products to suit most any construction project.

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