New fire-resistant plasterboard

by Zuerita
New fire-resistant plasterboard

Capco has added a new advancement, 15mm FireShield gypsum board, to its portfolio of partitioning components and ceilings. Designed for use in areas where superior fire resistance is required. FireShield achieves a 60 to 120 minute fire rating in accordance with SANS 10177 Part 2-2005 regulations for fire tests on building materials.
The board is lined with recycled pink paper and contains glass fibre to maintain integrity. It is used to form walls and ceilings of fire compartments and corridors for escape, or to protect elements of the building structure such as beams and columns. It also performs well in systems that require good acoustic properties and has been certified for use in Green Star projects.

FireShield together with Capco’s Beta Hi-Wall systems are ideal for use in warehouse applications, where high risk products are stored in conjunction with low risk products. The system can be used to block off an allocated high risk area, and construction is a lot faster and safer than erecting a brick wall at heights above 6m, which would need structural columns and utilize more space. The system is demountable and can easily be removed if the occupation classification changes to low/no risk, a far more costly exercise for brick walls. It is also recommended in light industrial projects as a fire rated secure division where the average roof height is 6 to 8m. If a tenant wishes to take double occupancy of two joint “mini factories”, the wall can be partially or completely demounted – not a viable option with brick column construction.

“When it comes to drywalls, there are many aspects to consider, such as fire integrity, acoustic ability, impact resistance, moisture resistance, thermal rating, maximum height issues, curved drywalls and more,” states Capco’s Barry Gould.

“Capco has the knowledge, experience and capability to achieve client requirements and exceed expectations, whatever the size, scope or location of any project,” he adds.

“The company’s experience, expertise and efficient approach have instilled confidence and secured Capco’s position as an established and trusted name in the ceiling and partition industry,” Gould concludes.

Tel: 031 569 6090
Website: www.capco.co.za

Benefits of FireShield:
•    High fire resistance to meet SANS regulations.
•    SABS certificate available on request.
•    Lightweight – no foundations required.
•    Certified for use in Green Star projects.
•    Time savings.
•    Clean installation.
•    Good acoustic performance.
•    Easy and economical to install compared with brickwork and masonry.

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