New fast-curing anchoring adhesive launched

by Tania Wannenburg
Sika Anchoring adhesive Jnl 5 16

Sika has launched Sika AnchorFix-S, a new universal anchoring adhesive with several unique benefits.

Sika has extended their offering in the anchoring range with a new two-part, general-purpose, anchoring adhesive that is based on styrenated polyester. Sika AnchorFix-S covers the requirements for standard applications of low to medium loads and is primarily intended for mechanical, electrical and plumbing works, as well as for metal or structural work.

This product has several unique benefits, one being that chemical anchoring is much more effective than mechanical anchors as no expansion occurs, thereby eliminating the cracking of substrates while offering outstanding load bearing capacity and corrosion prevention.

Sika AnchorFix-S is easy to apply and with an open time of three to four minutes, the applicator ensures a flexible working time. Due to the styrene in this product, a long application time is provided while fast curing speed is maintained, which is especially useful in high temperatures and tropical climates.

It also displays non-sagging behaviour for both horizontal and vertical applications, and thanks to the easy-to-handle and highly efficient packaging and mixing mechanism, the unnecessary wastage of products is avoided. In addition to the above, this product can also be utilised to fix sanitary equipment and install kitchen fittings, aerials and satellites. Among the common applications in metalwork are general supports, window and doorframes, window protection cages, blinds, sunshades and handrails. It is used extensively for rebars or reinforcing steel, threaded rods, bolts and special fastening systems.

Sika AnchorFix-S is also suitable for use in concrete, hollow and solid blockworks and bricks as well as in hard natural stone and solid rock, making both outdoor and indoor applications possible. It can be used for fixing both structural elements (such as balcony extensions) and non-structural elements (e.g. stair and balcony railings or sun blinds).

As touched on above, this product is the ideal solution for applications using hollow blocks. Where mechanical anchors are ineffective as they loosen, the Sika AnchorFix-S system is combined with a perforated sleeve to ensure it stays fixed.

All of these benefits make Sika AnchorFix-S a great addition to the company’s successful product ranges and it will be exciting to see how industry responds to this new offering.

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