New dream house features striking, curved zinc roof

by Tania Wannenburg
New dream house features

Charles van Eck has completed the construction of his dream house in KwaZulu-Natal.


The owner of Tilt-up Construction Panels, Charles van Eck, has over 60 years’ experience in the building industry. Van Eck recently completed a remarkable project – constructing his dream house in KwaZulu-Natal.

The house is an elegantly curved building on a spectacular site overlooking a gorge in Everton, Durban. Designed by Elphick Proome Architects, the house has been built using tilt-up panels.

“This construction shows exactly what can be achieved when taking this approach to construction,” said Van Eck.

A further striking feature is the curved roofing in Rheinzink, which was also used for the porte cochere. This is the first time Rheinzink, which offers renowned zinc roofing, facade cladding and roof drainage products across the globe, has been specified on a residential property in KwaZulu-Natal. Van Eck explained that a key factor in specifying Rheinzink was that no other roofing material could have been shaped to meet the design requirements.

“The roof level of the house is below the driveway, highly visible and most attractive. The installation by Spenglerei Andreas Muehle Roofing was superb, and the result is aesthetically pleasing.” 

Spenglerei Andreas Muehle Roofing, headed by an accomplished German craftsman now living in Port Elizabeth, installs Rheinzink throughout South Africa and its neighbouring countries.

In addition to ease of formability, Rheinzink’s desirable attributes include long-lasting service life, even in harsh coastal environments, maximum structural integrity and low to no maintenance. Its high-quality appearance, many different processing options and the harmony of its colour with other construction materials ensure that it is an ideal material for roofing, and facade and wall cladding. 

Desirable attributes of zinc roofing
• Long-last service life.
• Maximum structural integrity.
• Low to no maintenance.

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