A new dimension in flooring

by Tania Wannenburg

Launching a new Luxury Vinyl product that offers the industry an enormous selection of design and stylistic options.

The range of possibilities in Luxury Vinyl Commercial flooring has further increased due to the latest introduction of Traviata Flooring’s Aspecta 5 product. With innovation as their foundation and backed by over one hundred years of industry expertise, the manufacturers of Aspecta have launched an exceptional new global flooring brand.

Aspecta is a dry-back (glue-down) LVT range; however, its identifiable attributes are in the detail. This 3,2mm thick vinyl boasts a superior 0,7mm ceramic-bead-coated wear layer and super-matt urethane finish. However, this product’s real excitement lies in its diversified assortment, unmatched sustainability credentials, exceptional marketing support and unique guarantees.

Aspecta offers 33 Stone and Masonry tile patterns that fit seamlessly between counter- contemporary and digital design. There are 52 wood grains in a wider range of embossing and textures available along with larger planks and print widths for unparalleled realism.  In addition, there is the ground-breaking collection of 24 abstracts, which provides a bold alternative to wood and stone with unlimited combinations and opportunities regarding size and finish. These ranges are also complemented by 13 different embossing options.

Manufactured from 100% virgin vinyl (which is 100% recyclable) and non-phthalate plasticisers in line with the manufacturer’s social, economic and environmental responsibility programmes, Aspecta has gained US Green Building Council accreditation and Floor Score accreditation for indoor air quality. According to Traviata Flooring, it is also the only flooring in the world to be granted the ANSI/NSF 332 (sustainability assessment standard for resilient flooring) Platinum Certificate for Sustainability.

The brand is supported by a state-of-the-art website in seven languages offering an array of tools, calculators, and apps that can be downloaded. There is also a unique function where samples can be ordered online and dispatched within 24 hours. For the specifier there is a high-class boxed set of range samples and a 44-page, full-colour brochure. Aspecta also has an online presence on all platforms including YouTube and Pinterest.

This product is suitable for all domestic, commercial and light industrial applications and carries a 25-year commercial product warranty. There is also a sliding-scale labour-cost guarantee where, in the event of failure, one is covered for the cost of removal and replacement over and above the material cost.

This new dimension in flooring is ideally suited to the education, healthcare, hospitality, retail and corporate segments, making Aspecta a versatile product that can perform according to a range of expectations while ensuring that its design options are limitless.

For more information visit www.aspectaflooring.com

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