New decorative wood-based panel range to match life

by Ofentse Sefolo
New decorative wood-based panel range to match life
Innovus Decorative Products are available in four different finishes, each providing a unique “look & feel”, ensuring high functionality and appeal in all environments.

As innovation in décor trends continues to move forward, so too does the desire to match these trends with new and exciting product options. This is emulated in the recent launch of an eclectic new range of wood-based decorative panels, which are available in a variety of contemporary finishes and designs – now available to the South African market.

Earlier this month, Sonae Arauco unveiled three new decorative designs to coincide with their Innovus launch. Sonae Arauco has brought excitement to the wood-based decorative panel industry with a continuous and evolving range of decors, designed with the concept of matching life in mind.

International trends now available locally
Sonae Arauco is an internationally recognised player in the global wood-based panel industry. They have launched three new additions to join their existing range of decorative wood-based panels in South Africa, working in part to bring internationally recognised design trends to the local market.

These new decors – Elmina, Sanctuary and Castle Grey – will complement an existing collection of E1-certified decorative products within the Fantasies, Woodgrain and Unicolour categories respectively.
• Elmina – concrete-inspired décor. Available in the award-winning Stucco finish. This design with its sublime detailing evokes a sense of nostalgia with wistful patterns.
• Castle Grey – smooth and regal solid colour. Available in a selection of Stucco, Silhouette or Textured finishes.
• Sanctuary – marvellous and rustic classic woodgrain decor. Available in a Silhouette or Textured finish.

Innovative engineering committed to sustainability
Sonae Arauco’s ability to deliver on innovation and to offer a wide selection of design choices is largely due to their fully automated and highly-engineered manufacturing plant in White River.

Their environmental focus is evident by their commitment to offering all melamine-faced particleboard with an E1 certification – the European standard for formaldehyde emissions. Wood-based panel products act as carbon storage units and actualise an overall positive effect on the environment.

Sonae Arauco’s stated mission is to create wood-based solutions for a better life, a better future and a better planet. Sustainable development remains at the heart of their corporate mandate, with hopes to bring more focus to the essential “matching life” by highlighting people’s design and lifestyle aspirations through design and innovation, as well as incorporating the strong message of sustainability.

Innovus App helping you make the right selection
Sonae Arauco’s Innovus app is now live, and customers are invited to experience the elegance of the collection, available in Stucco, Silhouette, Alpine and Textured finishes in their space by making use of the app’s innovative features. Visit your App store.

Alternatively a 3D simulator can also be accessed through their website: https://sonaearauco.co.za/3d-simulator/

For more information, contact Sonae Arauco:
Tel: +27 11 236 1400
Email: info.southafrica@sonaearauco.com
Website: https://sonaearauco.co.za/

Click here to watch the interview: https://youtu.be/F3FBqrktk5U

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