Bathroom Bizarre recently launched a range of scratch- and chemical-resistant bathroom and shower wall cladding products.


Bathroom Bizarre recently announced that it has added high-gloss decorative splashbacks to its range of products. While this type of lustrous wall covering has become increasingly popular, it’s always come with a hefty price tag that has made it unattainable to many. However, Bathroom Bizarre’s new range of high-gloss, acrylic décor sheeting, called Lustrolite™, is not only more affordable than similar products on the market, but it also offers the benefits inherent in its more expensive glass counterparts, such as a gorgeously streamlined and sleek aesthetic, as well as providing a supremely hygienic surface.

Jasmin Kraneveldt from Bathroom Bizarre explains that Lustrolite™ features a unique blend of polymers and technology that delivers high performance and gorgeous good looks, similar to that offered by glass. However, she says that unlike painted glass, Lustrolite has an integrated, fused colour layer behind the thick optical-grade clear layer, which means the colour will never crack, chip or scratch. Its outer surface is also coated in a high-performance, micro-hard coat, which adds extra scratch- and chemical-resistance to the end product. “Lustrolite will not scratch, crack, warp, stain or discolour from normal residential or commercial use,” says Kraneveldt.

She notes that the product is incredibly versatile: “Lustrolite™ has a mirror-like reflection and comes in a variety of colours. The range is best applied to residential surfaces. While it is ideal for bathroom and shower walls, it can also be used in hallways, kitchens, media rooms and even on ceilings and other indoor vertical surfaces.”

Lustrolite is also a supremely hygienic material, which makes it ideal for use in wet areas, notes Jasmin: “The product is inert and non-porous, which means that it will not harbour mould, bacteria, soap or calcium build-up. As Lustrolite does not need grouting, there is no potential for mould build-up on its surface, as is common on tiled surfaces, especially in shower applications.”

It is also incredibly easy to maintain and clean – simply wipe it down using warm soapy water and a micro-fibre cloth, chamois or squeegee. “Strong chemicals are not required, which is excellent news for your pocket, your health and the environment,” explains Jasmin.

Product installations

Designers and contractors will appreciate that it can easily be installed over either existing or new wall finishes. It is approximately half the weight of glass, making it easy to transport, store and handle throughout the installation phase.

This product features a thick optical-grade clear layer, a colour layer and an exceptionally high-performance hard coat on the outer surface. All three layers work together to guarantee optimum durability and an attractive appearance.

There are many benefits to using Lustrolite™, some of which include:

• Ten-year indoor UV warranty.
• High stain- and chemical-resistant properties.
• Extensive colour selection:
o Arctic (white).
o Glacier (blue white).
o Mocha (brown).
o Blue Atoll (blue).
o Rouge (red).
o Carbon (black).
• High wear- and scratch-resistance.
• Co-extruded colour layer.
• Great thermal shock- and high heat-resistance.
• Available in two sizes:
o 2 070mm x 1 000mm x 4mm.
o 2 070mm x 1 250mm x 4mm.
• Other sizes available on special order.

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