New Craft and Graphite carpet tiles for heavy commercial market

by Ofentse Sefolo
New Craft and Graphite carpet tiles for heavy commercial market

As the popularity of carpet tile range continues to increase, Van Dyck Floors is constantly looking at new additions to their collection to meet the market’s changing needs. The latest additions are ‘Craft’ and ‘Graphite’, two new ranges that combine aesthetics with functionality and withstand the constant traffic and weathering in the heavy commercial market.

“We’ve noticed a steady upwards trend in demand for affordable but stylish carpet tiles range in the heavy commercial sector and we therefore wanted to expand the options we give to the designers, architects and specifiers for their interior designs,” said Bernd de Smedt, Sales & Marketing Director of Van Dyck Floors. “Neutral colours remain very popular (mainly the greys, charcoals, browns and beiges) which can then be combined with bright colours to bring in some colour and contrast.” Both Craft and Graphite carpet tiles are manufactured in the 50cm x 50cm dimensions and are available in four neutral colours.


Craft is a tufted loop pile tile (which means that the carpet has yarn needled through the primary backing and then looped around it), and looks like a naturally woven carpet cut into tiles with very earthy and naturally looking fibres. Each colour is made of a combination of various yarn colours which makes this carpet tile easy to match with other interior finishes and very suitable in terms of soil hiding and ease of maintenance. Graphite, is a tufted cut pile tile (manufactured by cutting the yarn loops) which creates a softer velour looking finish, with an organic overprint design to give the floors a more random look and feel.

These two products are able to withstand heavy traffic over several years. The products’ lasting durability means they can be re-used for a secondary market at the end of their lifespan. The bitumen backing consists partially of recycled material, contains no PVCs and is very low on VOCs, making them an environmentally-preferred option as they meet the requirements for Green Star Rating.

Carpet tiles continue to attract market attention for a number of reasons, one of which is the ease of installation. This versatile and practical flooring solution is compact in nature, easy to maintain and easily replaced if any tiles are worn or soiled. The replacement is also very quiet and dust-free, and rather than having to re-carpet an entire area, only the affected tiles will need to be replaced, saving on any unnecessary time, expenses and disruptions.

In addition to the ease of use, Craft and Graphite carpet tiles – as with all Van Dyck Floor carpet tiles – can be used in conjunction with other Van Dyck Floor carpet tile ranges (in different colours, textures, structures and shapes), enhancing the design and colour options for interior use.

De Smedt concluded: “The design flexibility, superior quality, environmental considerations and low maintenance of our carpet tiles make them the perfect interior solution for offices. We’re very excited to launch the latest Craft and Graphite range which give our valued customers more and choice to create an exciting floor finish.”

For more information, contact Van Dyck Floors on +27 800 227738 or visit www.vandyckfloors.co.za.

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