New construction technology solves industry issues

by Tania Wannenburg
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Five new additions to BASF’s Master Builders Solutions portfolio developed to address industry-specific challenges.

BASF’s latest innovative construction products focus on addressing challenges in the industry. Part of the Master Builders Solutions portfolio, these advanced solutions embrace chemical solutions for new construction, maintenance, repair and renovation of buildings as well as infrastructure.

“Over the last few years, we successfully introduced the Master Builders Solutions brand, launched a range of advanced solutions and upgraded our production network for our customers in the local construction industry,” says Angus Peruzzo, newly appointed Managing Director of BASF Construction Chemicals South Africa.

The newest additions to BASF’s product solution range are:

MasterSeal 345
An EVA polymer-based sprayable membrane for the waterproofing of underground concrete structures, it is spray-applied in a sandwich structure between two sprayed or cast concrete layers, creating a double-bonded composite shell lining. It is flexible and has a very high bond strength property on both sides of the membrane.

MasterGlenium 7920 / Fast wet-out polymers
This is a ready-to-use, high-range, water-reducing admixture based on next-generation polycarboxylate technology. It incorporates state-of-the-art molecular engineering to provide fast wet-out of powder materials.

It is effective in improving the day-to-day production efficiency of a concrete plant by rapidly dispersing powder materials in concrete mixtures, thereby minimising mixing time. It is used for concrete requiring high-early compressive strength development, concrete with low w/c ratios and/or high powder contents, the production of SCC and for Green Sense Concrete.

MasterFlow 4800
With very high, early and final strengths, this one-component, cement-based, metallic aggregate reinforce, non-shrink, ultra-high strength grout is typically used for industrial turbines, generators, compressors, mills, rail tracks, crane rails, and machinery and equipment requiring high-strength maximum bearing.

MasterSeal M811
Used to waterproof car park and podium decks, roofing and basements, this solvent-free, two-component polyurea hybrid, pigmented, elastic spray-applied waterproofing membrane has a short curing time. It is highly reactive and needs to be applied by special, two-component spray equipment.

Ucrete HF60RT
Based upon the unique Ucrete HD polyurethane resin system, this 6mm heavy-duty polyurethane floor finish is flow-applied. It is designed for rapid installation, making it ideal for large fast-track new build and refurbishment projects.

According to Angus, the Master Builders Solutions brand strengthens BASF’s industry orientation. “It stands for BASF’s commitment to provide the whole construction industry with tailored products and solutions, allowing us to concentrate on our ability to collaborate across technologies and functions on a global scale,” he says. “Our team is focused on safety, solving customer problems and increasing productivity.”

BASF, through its Construction Chemicals division, has played a significant role in many of the recent milestone achievements in infrastructural development projects in Southern Africa. “We are proud to be part of this progress by offering solutions which are based on our global know-how and provided by our local experts,” said Angus.

*MasterSeal; MasterGlenium; MasterFlow; Green Sense and Ucrete are Registered Trademarks

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