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by Tania Wannenburg
Dave Nemeth Jnl 5 16

The DesignBiz conference had several prominent speakers within their fields discuss topics relevant to design & business.

DesignBiz, a conference which entails a series of informative and game changing talks, was held on 3 June at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, Gauteng. The conference was conceptualised by Dave Nemeth, a prominent trend forecaster and business consultant in conjunction with the Inspire Trade Expo team.

The theme of the conference was, “Taking marketing, PR, customer engagement & design to business”. According to Dave, thorough research has shown that there is a design centric consumer across all LSMs, yet very few companies are able to successfully communicate this to their target audience. This so called ‘customer experience’ is important throughout all aspects of a company, from business processes to the way the marketing is done and what their office environments look like.

It is also important that the company culture is in line with what the company stands for and how the company is adapting to this new ‘workforce’. This series of talks also covered leading edge technology presentation and how this can assist in taking a business further. It is vital that businesses are ‘designed’ around all these elements that work hand-in-hand rather than in isolation.

DesignBiz had some of industry’s top professionals discussing points aimed to assist businesses in getting ahead of the curve. One of these prominent speakers was Roxanne Mancini, Editor of FLOORS in Africa magazine, who also represented Media in Africa’s other professional title, namely WALLS&ROOFS in Africa.

Roxanne spoke on ‘The Science of Persuasion’. Based on her years of experience in the media industry and having recently completed a diploma in social media marketing and digital marketing, this talk came at the ideal time as she could draw from the wealth of knowledge that she had recently acquired. Several key points were highlighted in a manner that made it clear just how important certain communication techniques are when speaking to your target audience to ensure that you incite the desired action from them.

“Roxanne’s presentation was engaging and delivered critical factors that need to be employed by anyone and everyone in business,” notes Charmain Pieterse, Journalist at FLOORS in Africa magazine, who also attended the conference. “After the presentation, you were armed with information that is easy to implement yet extremely effective and as it is all based on research, the results will measurable and tangible.”

The day was insightful and informative and we as a media house were very proud to play such a significant role in the conference.

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