New concrete technology
Samson Technologies brings over 50 years of concrete and flooring excellence to lodges and homes.  

Concrete is a high thermal mass material which absorbs and stores heat when exposed to sunlight, slowly releasing heat throughout the day. Concrete floors are therefore a wonderful option for giving a home a warmer feel in the winter.  

Considering concrete is porous, household items such as vinegar, tomato sauce, red wine and cold drinks can degrade concrete over time. By using the Samson system of FloorCoat and MM Sealer, coloured concrete floors are enhanced and the lifespan of the floor increased. 

Easy installation 

New concrete technology

FloorCoat is suitable for use in interior and exterior spaces.

Samson products are designed with ease of use in mind. This allows the DIY enthusiasts to efficiently complete their own installations, in only a few steps: 

  • Floor preparation is essential. Clean the substrate well to remove any dust or dirt.  
  • Pre-saturate the substrate with water, and apply either: A polymer 1:3 liquid primer, at a rate of approximately 5m² per litre. 
    • Samson cementitious P3 Primer, at approximately 1kg per m², depending on the condition of the substrate. 
    • FloorCoat is applied by brush and finished smooth by steel trowel. The product covers approximately 15m² per 20kg bag. 
  • Seal the smooth concrete surface with MM Sealer Combo, applied at approximately 8m² to 10m² per litre, and two coats are suggested.  


FloorCoat is a decorative, cementitious, pigmented and paintable coating for internal and external concrete surfaces, including floors, walkways driveways and patios. It is an excellent choice for renovation projects. The product offers more than 40MPa strength and good abrasion resistance. It is available in a range of colours, to suit any style. 

MM Sealer 

New concrete technology

Coloured concrete floors are available in a range of colours.


MM Sealer enhances the colour of the floor, providing a non-staining, non-slip finish that is water-repellent, and easy to clean and maintain. The product may be re-coated at any time without removing the previous coating, making it a cost-effective solution for homes, offices, and student accommodation. MM Sealer is available in gloss (buffable), sheen (combo), or no sheen (siloxane). 


The Samson technical team advises on installation methods and products to achieve success in installing concrete floors. 


For more information, contact Samson Technologies: 

Tel: +27 11 462 2666 



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